Amber Heard allegedly BLACKMAILED Elon Musk


Elon Musk appears to be one of the victims of Amber Heard. According to verified sources the Aquaman actress blackmailed the tech billionaire into helping her by kink shaming him!

Elon Musk and Amber Heard were reportedly involved in some extremely bizarre sex ritual, an anonymous source told Popcorned Planet. The 35-year-old b-list actress apparently has dirt on the Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO that could damage his career. The extent of the dirt on Elon Musk is unknown, but the tech entrepreneur is seemingly willing to spend millions, donate Tesla cars and even give his own sperm to stop it from coming out!

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Andy Signore, celebrity reporter for Popcorned Planet, claimed that a source who wishes to remain anonymous told him that Amber Heard had dirt on Elon Musk which she used to blackmail him with. While Signore did name the source, he explained that he vetted his source and verified that they may be very credible.

The story seems to crazy to be true, but knowing all the crazy stuff that Hollywood and Silicon Valley ruling class get into behind closed doors, who knows any more.

The source told Andy that Elon Musk paid Amber Heard to perform some taboo acts with another woman on stage at one of his private adult sex parties.

Cara Delevigne and Musk
Amber Heard and Cara Delevigne had threesome with Elon Musk after sexy party.

“She’s straight for pay. She likes women but will date men when it benefits her,” Andy stated in his video on the Popcorned Planet YouTube channel.

Heard reportedly got close to Musk at one of his mansion sex parties and witnessed many morally questionable acts that the source claims could damage or even ruin the Solar City CEO.

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“I’m not one to judge, but consenting adults can do whatever they want with other consenting adults in privacy but apparently what Elon Musk is into is so taboo that he doesn’t want it getting out there,” Andy clarified.

He explained that the reason that this hasn’t come out yet is because other party goers would also be exposed and implicated for talking about what happened behind closed doors at this sex party.

Amber Heard hard a shot-term fling with Elon Musk after meeting him at the alleged sex party and many have speculated whether billionaire was manipulated into the relationship.

Elon Musk abused black eye
Elon Musk spotted with black eye in public with Amber Heard.

When Musk was seen in public with his girlfriend Amber Heard, who has been officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he frequently had cuts, bruises, and black eyes. The abrasions were worsening as they grew closer and closer to splitting apart.

Older reports allege that Amber Heard had a threesome with Elon Musk and supermodel Cara Delevigne at Johnny Depp’s New York Penthouse while he was in Australia filming Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

The source stated that Amber Heard blackmailed Elon Musk into giving her and her friends brand new Tesla cars as well as paying millions for her pledge to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the ACLU.

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It is even believed that Heard’s baby Oonagh Paige Heard is Musk’s biological daughter. Musk is rumoured to have recommended the surrogate for Heard and may have been the child’s sperm donor. This may have also been a component of the blackmail.

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