Chef Pii faces fines and jail time for selling TikTok “Pink Sauce”


Veronica Shaw, better known as Chef Pii, is reportedly being investigated for FDA and tax violations with her TikTok Pink Sauce.

After a disastrous livestream, the FDA and the IRS are reportedly investigating a catering cook turned TikTok star for her new controversial Pink Sauce. Apparently, the FDA visited her home and shut her down while she was broadcasting live on a short-form video sharing network.


Looks like Chef Pii’s dream of being a internationally recognised chef are coming to an end. Chef Pii, legal name Veronica Shaw, decided to take many shortcuts by selling her mysterious Pink Sauce by skipping FDA approval and allegedly failing to register her company with the IRS.

Chef Pii’s ambition of becoming an internationally renowned chef appears to be coming to an end. Chef Pii, whose real name is Veronica Shaw, chose to market her mystery Pink Sauce without FDA clearance and without registering her company with the Internal Revenue Service, sources claim.

In a TikTok video responded to criticism Veronica Shaw revealed that blatant errors on the back of the label where just a small human error and revealed that her product, The Pink Sauce, was awaiting FDA approval and was still in lab testing stages.

Although it is legal to sell some food products without direct FDA approval, the party or person responsible for the sale of the product must be completely transparent with the nutritional information and ingredients used.

Mayonnaise in The Pink Sauce?!

A video depicting the preparation of Pink Sauce purports to show Chef Pii using a thick white substance that is thought to be mayonnaise. According to experts, none of the ingredients stated on the back of the label accurately define what it is.

Is that mayonnaise in The Pink Sauce?

In addition to the typographical problems, the components listed on the label and website do not correspond with the nutritional information, causing anxiety among many customers.

Another major concern voiced by Shaw’s detractors is that she alleges to use milk and honey, and if not stored properly these two ingredients can create a toxic poison that can cause botulism.

Botulism is an uncommon but severe disease produced by a toxin that targets the nerves of the body. Botulism may create symptoms that are life-threatening. The toxin is manufactured by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Botulism can be caused by contaminated food or a wound.

TikTok sauce not consistent in texture or colour or smell.

One woman uploaded a video of herself in hospital claiming that she had a severe reaction to eating the sauce.

People getting sick?

“Guys, I’m about to be discharged today […] I’m putting it out her. It seems to the oil she [Chef Pii] put on that sauce that didn’t sit well with me,” the user wrote.

However, despite claiming she would post a follow up video the next day she has not uploaded anything to her channel since so we cannot verify her story.

Nonetheless, if this is a real incident of someone getting sick from eating the sauce then Ms Shaw can be fined up to USD$100,000 for each case and even face jail time if she refutes FDA orders.

pink sauce disaster
Sauce poorly packaged, not refrigerated, rotten and exploding.

People who ordered the pink TikTok sauce reported receiving spoiled, discoloured, and even exploding products. Some even documented the unboxing of their sauce and uploaded the shocking results.

The Pink Sauce appears to still be available for purchase through the official website in the United States, contrary to the allegations; but, if the claims are accurate, it is likely that future orders will not be shipped until these legal issues are handled.

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