Depp Rumored to Reprise Edward Scissorhands Role in Beetlejuice 2


Johnny Depp might reprise his iconic role from the cult classic hit Edward Scissorhands in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2!

Hollywood is abuzz with rumors that Johnny Depp is set to star in Tim Burton’s highly anticipated sequel, Beetlejuice 2, alongside Winona Ryder, Jenna Ortega, and Michael Keaton. However, the twist is that Depp will not be playing a new character, but rather reviving his iconic role as Edward Scissorhands from the 1990 cult classic of the same name.

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The connection between the two Burton films has long been a topic of discussion among fans. A popular theory on Reddit suggests that the little girl to whom an elderly Kim Boggs tells the story of Edward Scissorhands in the beginning of the film is actually a young Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. The theory proposes that Lydia became fascinated with the tale of the man with scissors for hands and began emulating his style, dressing in all black and becoming a recluse.

This fan theory has gained traction in light of the recent rumors surrounding Depp’s involvement in Beetlejuice 2. Prior to his highly publicized defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp was spotted meeting with Tim Burton, sparking speculation about potential collaborations. Initially, it was believed that Depp was in talks to play Gomez Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday series, but conflicting court dates reportedly led to his withdrawal from the project.

Jenna Ortega is Wednesday Addams
Depp Rumored to Reprise Edward Scissorhands Role in Beetlejuice 2

However, insiders suggest that Burton had an even bigger project in the works, which we now know to be Beetlejuice 2. Despite the challenges faced by Depp in recent years, Burton remains open to working with the actor, with whom he first collaborated on Edward Scissorhands in 1990. In an interview with Reuters, Burton expressed his willingness to team up with Depp once again.

Fueling the rumors further, Depp has allegedly been seen on the set of Beetlejuice 2 and has been spotted having lunch with the film’s star actress, Jenna Ortega. This led to speculation that the two were romantically involved, a claim that Ortega quickly denied via her Instagram Stories. The Wednesday star wrote, “This is so ridiculous I can’t even laugh I have never met or worked with Johnny Depp in my life. Please stop spreading lies and leave us alone.”

Beetlejuice 2
Depp Rumored to Reprise Edward Scissorhands Role in Beetlejuice 2

However, sources suggest that Ortega’s denial may be due to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and that Depp’s appearance as Edward Scissorhands is intended to be a closely guarded secret. Her plea for people to “leave us alone” at the end of her statement could be interpreted as an attempt to maintain the secrecy surrounding the project.

If the rumors prove true, Depp’s reprisal of his role as Edward Scissorhands in Beetlejuice 2 would be a significant coup for both the actor and the film. The original Edward Scissorhands was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $86 million worldwide and cementing Depp’s status as a leading man in Hollywood. The film’s themes of isolation, acceptance, and the power of love continue to resonate with audiences today.

Edward Scissorhands
Depp Rumored to Reprise Edward Scissorhands Role in Beetlejuice 2

The prospect of seeing Edward Scissorhands in the Beetlejuice universe is an exciting one for fans of both films. The dark, quirky humor that defines the Beetlejuice franchise seems like a natural fit for the gothic fairytale aesthetic of Edward Scissorhands. With Burton at the helm and a star-studded cast that includes Depp, Ryder, Ortega, and Keaton, Beetlejuice 2 has the potential to be a massive hit and a worthy successor to both of its beloved predecessors.

As the Hollywood rumor mill continues to churn, fans eagerly await official confirmation of Johnny Depp’s involvement in Beetlejuice 2 and the potential return of Edward Scissorhands. If the rumors are true, this could mark a significant comeback for Depp and a thrilling new chapter in the Tim Burton cinematic universe.

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