EXCLUSIVE: Amber Heard FIRED and CUT OUT from Aquaman 2


Warner Bros insider reveals that the studio plans to cut Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2 and potentially recast her ahead of 2023 release date.

According to sources close the production of Aquaman 2 (The Lost Kingdom), producers are concerned the film will fail if they don’t cut Amber Heard out of the film. They are even considering recasting and reshooting her scenes!


Amber Heard has made enemies at Warner Bros and it has nothing to do with Johnny Depp, sources say.

The 35-year-old c-list actress was already on shaky ground with the studio, but her latest antics have apparently prompted Warner Bros. to fully cut connections with her for future productions.

Amber Heard, against the studio’s wishes, has implicated Warner Bros. officials, as well as cast and crew from the impending Aquaman sequel in her counter-suit against Depp and his attorney Waldman.

In the counter-suit, Heard alleges that statements made by Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, cast doubt at Warner Bros and almost cost her her job.

Mera (Amber Heard) removed from new Aquaman cover & WB distancing
Amber Heart to be cut and replaced, producer hints.

Our sources stated that Amber Heard was on the verge of losing her role as Mera in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom due to a contract violation involving a health and fitness condition. Director James Wan, on the other hand, lobbied to have Amber Heard return for the sequel for the sake of continuity, and she was allowed to do so on the basis that she adhere to a strict workout routine.

Despite Warner Bros’ requests to stay out of Heard’s personal matters and avoid being dragged into court, Heard included producers, cast, and crew of the recently delayed superhero film in her counter-suit against Depp and Waldman, forcing the studio to issue a statement clarifying that Johnny Depp had nothing to do with the studio’s decision to distance itself from the actress.

An anonymous source claiming to be involved in production reaches out to POPTOPIC and alleged that Warner Bros plans to cut Amber Heard out of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.

“By involving Warner Bros. in this mess, she has done irreversible damage to the film, which we think will have a terrible influence on its box office success,” the insider claimed.

They continued: “While the studio was at odds with Ms Heard after filming wrapped, Warner Bros. had no intention on cutting her from the movie, but that has since changed.”

Fans want Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard as Mera.
Fans want Emilia Clarke to replace Amber Heard as Mera.

According to the insider, Warner Bros. has taken note of the public’s tremendous support for Johnny Depp during his defamation trial against Amber Heard and concedes that excluding her from Aquaman 2 would “absolutely” be in the studio’s best interests.

“The studio is concerned that the film may be boycotted in cinemas, especially after they’ve witnessed the overwhelming support coming in from fans and colleagues of Depp throughout this trial and they’ve admitted that cutting Amber Heard is absolutely in their best interest.”

Johnny Depp was cut from Fantastic Beasts 3 and eventually recast by Mads Mikkelsen following the loss of his “wife beater” libel trial against The Sun tabloid.

Recasting and reshooting Amber Heard is not entirely out of the question for Aquaman 2, the source concluded.

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Warner Bros. have already been noticed trying to remove any mention of Amber Heard from Aquaman promotional material. The actress has been cut out off posters and was not even included in the movie’s behind-the-scenes featurette despite being one of the main characters.

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