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Ezra Miller bizarre SEX CULT exposed by witness

Ezra Miller bizarre SEX CULT exposed by witness

A girl who witnessed Ezra Miller choke out a female fan in Iceland reveals that the actor joked about being in a cult.

EZRA MILLER EXPOSED: At a popular Icelandic bar where Ezra Miller allegedly choked and assaulted another woman, Johanna Lynd, a 24-year-old woman who says she witnessed the incident, claims that Miller was high and making jokes about being in a cult.

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“I didn’t know if he was being serious,” Johanna Lynd, a Reykjavik local, said about non-binary Ezra Miler after they supposedly joked about being a cult leader.

Ezra Miller visited a popular bar in Reykjavik Iceland called Prikid in 2020 where he was recorded assaulting a female fan by choking her and throwing her to the ground.

Prikid, often known as “the joint” or “the spot,” is a trendy nightclub, bar, and restaurant located in the middle of the city of Reykjavik. It was formerly held by Franz Gunnarson, the guitarist for the well-known Icelandic experiment rock group Dr. Spock, but subsequently Geoffrey Þór Huntington-Williams acquired it.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 26: Ezra Miller attends the Universal Music Group Hosts 2020 Grammy After Party on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic,)

“Prikid isn’t a massive bar, even though it’s 3 stories high, its very cramped. I was on the third floor when I first saw Ezra Miller. There’s a small bar there, I was waiting to order a drink there and there were a bunch of people standing around them,” Johanna said.

“Ezra did some very strange things all night long. Almost everything they said seemed like a joke. It was really weird. I heard them ask a girl to join their cult. The girl laughed because she probably thought he was joking, but Ezra just stood there and stared at her until she asked, “You’re in a cult?””

She continued: “Ezra then said something like ‘I am the cult.’ They talked about creating their own race, about how they wanted to spread his bloodline by having children with girls from all races around the world. When I heard it, I honestly thought it was just some sort of bad pickup line.”

Johanna claimed she didn’t engage in the conversation but was there when Ezra assaulted a female fan by choking her.

Non-Binary Ezra Miller SUED for GROOMING 12-year-old into COMMUNIST CULT
EXPOSED: Ezra Miller in big, big trouble.

“After a bit they went outside to the smoking area, and some people followed them there. I stayed upstairs, but I saw one of the girl’s friends rush in to talk to the staff about what happened.”

According to a source who claims to be a close friend of Ezra’s, the actor has a severe substance addiction problem caused by PTSD stemming from a difficult childhood, which has led to numerous violent outbursts.

Peter Knight, a fan who spotted Ezra Miller at a grocery store in Hawaii, was granted permission to take a selfie with the actor. Once the fan began recording, though, The Flash actor threatened to knock him out.

Peter Knight seemed nervous to take a picture with the actor, and Ezra responds: “I could always just knock you out so you don’t have to panic.”

Peter chuckles thinking that they are just joking around but Ezra gets heated and prompts him for an answer. The whole encounter is very awkward to watch.

Ezra Miller is apparently the subject of an FBI investigation into charges of grooming and abuse. Several concerned parents have accused the disturbed non-binary Fantastic Beasts actor of grooming their daughters as young as 12 years of age.