Ezra Miller hiding incriminating evidence by DELETING Instagram


Is the FBI investigating? The Flash star Ezra Miller is allegedly trying to hide incriminating evidence that consists of direct messages when they deleted Instagram.

Ezra Miller is apparently scrambling to hide evidence by deleting Instagram and direct messages after reports that the FBI might be conducting an investigation in the into the grooming allegations. Anonymous source claims The Flash actor used his verified Instagram account to find their young victims.


Ezra Miller’s Instagram account is reportedly a smoking gun according to an anonymous source who claims to have spoken the Fantastic Beasts star.

Now Ezra Miller seems to be frantically deleting incriminating evidence before the FBI launch an investigation into his child grooming scandal.

Warner Bros have distanced themselves from the troubled 29-year-old non-binary actor and are reportedly planning on releasing The Flash standalone film straight to a streaming platform.

Ezra Miller feeds goats on his 96-acre farm.
Ezra Miller feeds goats on his 96-acre farm.

The studios drastic decision to burn USD$200 million may be a strong indicator that Ezra Miller may be in bigger trouble than we first believed.

“Ezra Miller first contacted me on Instagram after I commented under one of his posts. I was 13 at the time and was very surprised to see him message me. Although his messages weren’t that bad, my brother quickly pointed out just how weird and creepy it was for a grown man to messaging me on Instagram,” the anonymous source added.

“I bragged about it to friends at school but I never responded to his message. Now, after hearing about all these little girls coming out, I wonder if I would have been one of his victims.”

The source believes that Ezra Miller deleted his Instagram account to get rid off evidence of him contacting minors.

She concluded: “If he messaged me, I am almost certain there must be others… hundreds of them!”

Criminal experts believe that Ezra Miller had intentions to start a cult of his own which he would operate at his 95-acre farm in rural Vermont.

Tokata Iron Eyes seems high in selfie with The Flash actor.
Tokata Iron Eyes seems high in selfie with The Flash actor.

“We’ve read several reports where Miller expressed interest in wedding and impregnating these young women. He has had, and maintained, contact with multiple girls as young as 12,” the expert opined.

“Bizarrely each one of his victims is unique when it comes to ethnicity, almost like he is plotting breed them for some cult-like purposes.”

Many other victims are likely to speak out in the coming months, especially after news broke about grooming an indigenous American girl, Tokata Iron Eyes, since she was only 12-years-old,

The request for a protective order was granted by a judge, and the order states that Miller is prohibited from having contact with their victim or their family, as well as from coming within 100 yards of their residence. They pointed out that the court “cannot locate or serve” the order to Miller because it is uncertain where both Miller and Tokata are currently located. There will be a hearing on the 12th of July.

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