Is the next-gen Grand Theft Auto releasing in March actually a new game?


Rumour has it that Rockstar might be pulling a marketing stunt with GTA VI/6; could the next-gen definitive release actually be a whole new game?

What started off as just a troll comment might actually have some truth to it. Is the next-gen definitive release of the last game actually Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI)? Here’s why we think there might be chance for a 2022 release.


Today, a single troll tweet had many people wondering whether Rockstar might be playing us. A news aggregator for the Rockstar gaming community tweeted, “GTA 6, March 25th. Trust me bro.”

While the account later confirmed that the tweet was just a joke, some people believe that there might be a little truth to it.

March is a very significant month for Rockstar Games. It reportedly is month which the developer plan to release their next-gen definitive version of Grand Theft Auto V.

It was already reported that Rockstar Games may be planning to do a small reveal in March when the definitive next-gen standalone version of Grand Theft Auto V releases.

The studio confirmed that the next entry of the popular franchise on its way and that GTA VI has been in development for many years.

“With the unprecedented longevity of GTAV, we know many of you have been asking us about the new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series,” a spokesperson for Rockstar Games said in a statement.

Fan made cover art for Grand Theft Auto VI/6 (GTA 6)
Fan made cover art for Grand Theft Auto VI/6 (GTA 6)

“With every new project we embark on, our goal is to always significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered — and we’re pleased to confirm that active development of for the next entry of Grand Theft Auto series is well underway.”

Take-Two revealed during its most recent earnings call on Monday February 7 that Grand Theft Auto V will be launched on Tuesday March 15 on the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms. Could they actually be talking about GTA VI?

Rockstar Games have already apologised for the longevity of GTAV/Online. It’s been almost 10-years since the game originally launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Grand Theft Auto V has also received its proverbial “next-gen definitive edition” when it launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2014.

The game is dated and players are ready to move on to the next big thing — sadly, there’s been nothing but radio silence from Rockstar Games on all upcoming releases such as the rumoured Bully 2 and JUDAS, a game believed to be the highly anticipated sequel to Max Payne.

  • Coincidence? Last GTA Online update “The Contract” launched December 15 and featured SIX new songs by Dr. Dre. Is that a hint?

However, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Rockstar Games are known for being able to keep a secret. We haven’t even seen any real footage of the supposed next-gen definitive version of the game. Their announcements come out of nowhere and are usually a big shock even to mainstream games media. It’s not unlike them to throw a big curve ball at gamers, they just may shock people this March.

But this question remains; will Rockstar Games launch Grand Theft Auto 6 as early as next month (March 2022)? Moreover, is the next-gen definitive version of Grand Theft Auto V actually real or is it jus a front for the “next entry” of the series? The timing seems to be too perfect.

Grand Theft Auto The Contract
Six people produce six songs for Grand Theft Auto: The Contract.

Sadly, we don’t believe that they’ll release Grand Theft Auto 6 this March. A game of this magnitude would have received an ad spot at this year’s Super Bowl. The next-gen version of GTA V comes out in exactly one month. That’s such a short window for advertising.

And now for some optimism. Although we don’t believe that GTA VI is slated to release this year, we do believe that Rockstar Games will heavily tease the game with the launch of the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto. It could even be that the next-gen version of GTA V runs on the engine for Grand Theft Auto 6!

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