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RUMOUR: HBO The Last of Us to be a social commentary

RUMOUR: HBO The Last of Us to be a social commentary

HBO will justify Joel’s death in The Last of Us series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey by making it into a ‘social commentary’, insider says.

Joel has a dark secret that nobody knows about except for Ellie, a HBO insider claims. Joel’s secret will eat away at him slowly turning him into unlikeable bad guy which will make his death make sense in The Last of Us Part II.


Spoiler warning! Kidding. Joel’s death is on par with Dumbledore’s, so if you didn’t know about it already the chances are you’re not really excited for the upcoming HBO The Last of Series.

As promised by Naughty Dog Inc., The Last of Us Part II is one of the most divisive PlayStation exclusive games ever. Their choice to kill of “the patriarchy” and “toxic masculinity” by killing off the main male protagonist, Joel, in the first two hours of game and replacing him with an unlikable butch and brutish tomboy pissed off a lot of fans.

Still, even after bragging about how they are creating a divisive game that will shock the audience by “subverting their expectations” the developers couldn’t understand why, or believe, that diehard fans didn’t like it. The Sony owned in-house developer requested that thousand of negative user reviews to be deleted from Metacritic and said that their game was review bombed by “sexist right-wing trolls.”

Pascal and Ramsey in The Last of Us on HBO
First image of Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) in HBO’s The Last of Us.

Despite the mixed reception of their latest AAA post apocalyptic survival shooter, Sony are still going all in on the HBO series and have dropped many millions on production and casting. Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian, Wonder Woman 84) and 17-year-old Bella Ramsey (The Worst Witch, Game of Thrones) are set to play and surrogate daddy/daughter duo Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us TV show.

A source claiming to be a studio insider dropped a saucy rumour shortly after the Naughty Dog teased the first production picture of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie in the HBO series.

“[HBO’s The Last of Us] is going to be really dark, like darker than Game of Thrones,” the source said. “Not only are they going to deal with real world issues like the global pandemic and the climate crisis, but also a much more serious issue plaguing workplaces and colleges in the current era … r*pe culture.”

“And we’re going to get to see the game’s former protagonist through a whole new lens. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Joel truly does have a dark history that he is trying to outrun and escape.”

What is Joel’s dark secret?

The actor who portrayed Joel in both videogames hinted that he knows a little more about the character then Naughty Dog revealed.

Troy Baker hinted that Joel, the game’s main protagonist, might not be all that heroic after all. After hearing his story, we will ‘question everything.’ It will definitely leave a lot of people uncomfortable.

Joel, as a member of the patriarchy, is a contributor to the problem. Baker confirms that we will be able to delve into his past and discover some unpleasant facts about him.

“What we’ve done such a good job of doing is to continue to peel back layers and learn more about Joel. I even learned more about Joel and I’m the guy that walked into The Last of Us audition and said, ‘I know the truth about Joel!’ I knew his truth back then, but this, I know even more of Joel’s truth.”

Baker then continued by stating that this game is certainly not for everyone and that ‘close-minded’ people would definitely not enjoy the game.

It’s a social commentary.

The rumour sounds similar previous leak that also claimed that the series will be very dark and act as a sort of social commentary about the politics, gender identity and climate.

“Ellie will be joined by her first girlfriend Riley, as well as Tess, Marlene, Maria,” the insider told us in April, 2020.

Stand United TLoU series
HBO’s The Last of Us to be a social commentary about toxic masculinity.

According to the email, men, while some indirectly, will collectively play the part of the antagonist.

“It was the action of the patriarchy — or rather ‘white men’ — that inadvertently destroyed the society they had built with the Cordyceps Brain Infection.”

HBO The Last of Us TV series to be a social commentary on the pandemic.

According to the insider the CBI was made by the U.S. government but evolved too quickly for them to control and ‘accidentally’ leaked into the environment.

The Last of Us is HBO’s answer to The Walking Dead, only it is going to be a whole lot darker and divisive. The people whom I’ve spoken to are very excited to get the ball rolling on this [The Last of Us series]. They believe it checks all the boxes: global pandemic, racism, the patriarchy, religion, and pretty much anything else America is super divided on.”

Although there is no official airdate for the HBO The Last of Us TV show, we know there will be a total of ten episodes in the first season. It’ll be available to stream on HBO Max (presumably Stan here in Australia) sometime in 2022.