Silent Hill demo already out and you’ve most likely played it


Anonymous insider reveals amazing information on the highly anticipated Hideo Kojima Silent Hill game, alleges most fans have already “experienced” the demo.

Source claiming to be associated with Kojima reveals amazing information about his upcoming horror game Silent Hill; thousands of people of people have already “experienced” the demo live online and have absolutely no idea about it.


This theory seems a little insane but it is going to be mind boggling if true, and Hideo Kojima is known for his innovative approach to game development and marketing. According to a source close to Kojima, the Metal Gear developer impressed the socks off Sony with his last interactive Silent Hill demo that fooled hundreds of thousands of people. We bet you know what that demo is…

If you guessed Abandoned, you are 100% correct. The “real-time experience” project has already taken place and, at the moment, the only people are aware of this is Sony, Kojima and Konami. According to a source, this was the real Silent Hill demo.

“Thousands of people were interacting with artificial intelligence, not a real person, and they had no idea. Hasan Kahraman, so-called founder of Blue Box Game Studios, is a digital human. His interactions online via social media are largely generated by artificial intelligence,” the source said.

“Hasan is designed from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5. Using state of the art real-time graphics, Kojima’s team was able to create a digital human experience with unprecedented detail in the digital human’s eyes, skin and hair. In low lit scenes, a person would not be able to tell the difference between a digital and real human,” they added.

Metahuman Posthuman
Hasan Kahraman allegedly a digital human by Kojima in real-time Silent Hill demo experience.

“This digital human can also be driven by a real human actor to give him lifelike movement and mannerisms. The dynamic motion captures tracks even the most interact and minute facial movements.”

The source went on to explain that Hasan Kahraman’s interview with Colin Moriarty of the Sacred Symbols+ podcast a real-time render from Unreal Engine 5.

“Take a close look at the interview. Hasan sits in a dimly lit room with only two light sources; one fluorescent light above him and the glow of the computer monitor. He is not directly in the center of the frame and is slightly out of focus. The room is barren with no high poly objects which is dire contrast to Colin’s room. This is done to hide the details that give away that Hasan is a digital human and to reduce processing power for the real-time render.”

“The actor being motion captured for Hasan is using professional tracking equipment to deliver a realistic performance, but sadly for him he knows very little about the fictional game Abandoned and the Kojima’s Silent Hill — so the interview made Hasan look like and amateur, which is what they were aiming for, which I will explain in a bit.”

During the interview Hasan Kahraman randomly brings up the motion capture gear and software that he uses and seriously tries underplay it, seemingly as a bit of a wink to the people in-the-know.

Abandoned PS5 App
Fictional Abandoned game is allegedly part of the “Real-time experience” Silent Hill demo.

“We do motion capture,” Hasan revealed. “And it’s not what you think. We don’t have a fancy motion capture studio with m-ocap operators or anything like that. No. It’s just a mo-cap suit.”

Admittedly, it is odd that Hasan had to preface his statement with ‘it’s not what you think.’ Why would people assume that a self-funded indie developer has an expensive motion capture studio?

However, when we [POPTOPIC] reviewed and analysed the interview, we were 100% convinced that this is an authentic interview with a real human. Some subtle details such as Hasan adjusting his headphones as well as other small movements we believed would be out the realm of possibilities for a real-time 3D render… however, the source insisted that Hasan is a digital human.

“You’d be surprised just how powerful Unreal Engine 5 is. His headset is being tracked too an rendered into the 3D space, he adjusted his facial tracking headgear. Hasan is a digital human.”

Siren real time digital human demonstration at GDC 2018.
Siren real-time digital human demonstration at GDC 2018.

Although we are still very skeptical about the sources claims, we decided to hear them out and asked what the point of all this was.

“The main theme of the new Silent Hill game is all about connections you make with other people and how you, the player, can become a monster via dissociation of the world around you. He’s done this with Hasan. He made a character that everyone loved, but when they found out he wasn’t everything people believed him to be people turned on him, send hateful messages and death threats to him. Kojima succeeded,” the source stated.

They concluded: “This was the real-time experience. Thousands of players have been engaging with artificial intelligence and while almost no one knew that, they still decided to him nasty and hateful messages. People believed he was an actor or a phony, and while they weren’t far off, Hasan still exists as a character in a videogame universe and Abandoned is a real game to him.”

The source sent us several links to Unrealistic Engine 5 demonstrations which effectively explain how exactly it would be possible for Kojima do create a realistic digital human in real time.

Cinematography Database demonstrates real-time prop animation and interaction in mo-cap.
Cinematography Database demonstrates real-time prop animation and interaction in mo-cap.

One video featured Unreal’s Siren project which reveals how the game engine can render lifelike digital humans in real time using motion capture hardware.

An further video demonstration of prop animation shows exactly how perfect and precise maker alignment can be for 3D items, which enables mo-cap interactions with these objects (such as Hasan’s headphones) to appear quite realistic.

While we advise people to be skeptical of the sources’ claims and to continue to treat Hasan with dignity and respect, it is worth noting that recent Silent Hill leaks show that Sony has exclusive rights to Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill game and that said game includes a gameplay feature that allows players to interact with artificial intelligence via text messages.

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