The Afterparty Season 2 on Apple TV+ will reportedly star Channing Tatum


Channing Tatum has been asked to star in the Apple TV+ original series The Afterparty season 2 along side Tiffany Haddish, sources say.

Earlier this month Apple announced that they have renewed the laugh-out-loud comedy murder-mystery The Afterparty for a season 2 with Tiffany Haddish to return as Detective Danner. Although little is known about the plot, our sources claim that Channing Tatum has been asked star in the new season.


In January the host of New Zealand’s Apple Podcast accidentally revealed that Apple were interested in doing a spin-off for The Afterparty starring Dave Franco (The Disaster Artist) and Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street).

Channing Tatum had a small, but hilarious, cameo in The Afterparty as Eugene Xavier’s co-star in a Hall & Oats biopic called Private Eyes.

Slashfilm confirmed that Chris Miller and Phil Lord had approached Apple with a pitch for an actual spin-off of Private Eyes starring both Franco and Tatum. However, shortly after the comedy duo announced their interest in bringing a feature length Hall & Oaths parody biopic to the video on demand service, the company announced their plans for The Afterparty season 2.

Hall and Oaths "Private Eyes" Afterpart spin-off canned for season 2.
Hall and Oaths “Private Eyes” Afterparty spin-off canned for season 2.

According to our sources Chris Miller and Phil Lord are interested in casting Channing Tatum as himself in The Afterparty season 2. Dave Franco is said to also return as pop-sensation Xavier in the new season.

This will not be the first time that Channing Tatum has played himself in a TV show or a movie. Channing Tatum played a wacky version of himself in Seth Rogen‘s and Evan Goldberg’s apocalyptic comedy This Is The End (2013).

Details about the plot of The Afterparty season 2 are sparse but our sources are confident that Tatum is on board. The Apple TV+ original is expected to premiere exclusive on the streaming service in March, 2023.

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