Dobrik gets Tesla Model X airborne on Hollywood hills, Musk isn’t happy


Popular YouTuber, David Dobrik, thought it would be “epic” to get his Tesla airborne on the heavily populated street on the Hollywood hills, but destroy their car instead. Elon Musk responds on Twitter.

David Dobrik, Slovakian YouTuber who know lives in Hollywood, California, posted a video of a Tesla Model X flooring it on a narrow, one-way, street in the Hollywood hills and getting it airborne, ultimately damaging the vehicle.

Did you know?

Anything for views and likes? David Dobrik dangerously raced his AU$150,000 Tesla up the pique of a street launching it into the air. The street is dangerously narrow and had other cars parked along side it.

David Dobrik may have safely landed the vehicle and avoided colliding with other cars on the street but surely the impact from the landing would have been enough to destroy the car.

Elon Musk responds to David Dobrik

The video was viewed over 6 million times on Twitter and even Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk responded to it with a simple exclamation mark.

David Dobrik jokingly responded by asking Elon Musk whether his warranty is now cancelled to which the billionaire entrepreneur had nothing to say.

If David’s insurance company saw this footage surely they’d either cancel his policy are jack up the price.

Tesla Model X

David Dobrik Tesla Model X airborne and Elon Musk not happy.

Surely Elon Musk does not condone the actions of the YouTuber breaking the law. The speed limit down those streets is around 40kM, and David would have had to take the car past 100 to get it airborne. That’s not to mention that if anything would have gone wrong David could have easily hit other vehicles, or worse… other people.

Perhaps David Dobrik should stop pretending that he’s playing Grand Theft Auto and contemplate his actions while his license is suspended.

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Thanks! With my limited knowledge of Tesla vehicles I mistook the car for a Model S. Readers have pointed out that it is, in fact, a Model X. I’ve made the necessary corrections. Thanks for your feedback!

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