Brime Live (WatchBrime) collapses and burns one day before launch


The new alt-tech streaming service was set to launch in October but their servers failed the stress test and now the release date has been indefinitely delayed.

Many people believe that Brime was a scam, or at least a joke, but the people behind it are, at least, trying to show some initiative… it just isn’t going that well for them.

RUMOUR: Sony considering buying Valve Corporation/Steam.

Brime (WatchBrime/BrimeLive) first popped up in the lime light shortly after Dr. DisRespect was banned off Twitch. People theorised that Guy Herchel “Dr DisRespect” Beahm was maybe involved in the conception of the new streaming service.

This theory started to gain traction as people saw a strange date hidden in one of The Doc’s livestreams, a date that corresponding with the announcement of this new streaming service.

dr disrespect

Dr DisRespect ban conspiracies sparked the creation of Brime Live (WatchBrime aka BrimeLive).

Sadly, this announcement was a big old nothing-burger, just a really poorly organised AMA. Still, the people behind Brime did not completely debunk the Dr DisRespect rumours although they did say that he was not one of the owners.

Their Twitter came close to hitting 100k followers through this, but it has steadily been declining ever since. Now the developers behind Brime are scrambling to get the service up and running… but they have failed badly.

Partner to all alpha members… if you’re lucky.

Brime briefly made their site live for alpha sign-ups and promised people who got in, in time full partnership regardless of audience size, or any other kind of validation.

Strangely, not everyone who signed up received an email for join their exclusive partnership program.

Partnership means nothing.

Many people called out this new partnership system as nothing but a marketing gimmick. Their platform wasn’t up, and they had no sponsors, nor were they running any kind of ads on their platform.

Partnership simply meant that you got to alpha test the server and, eventually, get a verified badge on your account. Still, Brime had not revealed any more information on how this program would work… and they immediately had problems.

Partners banned for harassing girls… already.

Before the service even launched they had to address their community and ban several people for ‘sexual misconduct’ on their discord server.

Several people who had earned Brime partnership by signing up for the alpha had special privileges in their discord server and used it to harass, and even stalk, other girls.

Although Brime responded Swiftly by banning these individuals, it clearly showed their lack of professionalism.

Servers crashed with only 120 people watching.

Brime went live on their own network, on their own channel, to stress test the servers.

When the channel reached approximately 100 viewers the Brime servers crashed, giving a 500 error, going completely down within minutes of going live.

Back to the drawing board.

Brime admitted to their shortcomings and announced that the October 1st launch has been indefinitely delayed as they are “going back to the drawing board.”

The delay has left many people who were already sceptical now completely convinced that this project will never take off.

BrimeLive livestreaming screenshot

Brime Live (WatchBrime) is obviously using open source (OSP) code for their streaming service at launch.

“This is a joke,” one critic pointed out. “They are using open source code for their streaming service and just tacked on their logo.”


Open Streaming Platform (OPS) screenshot proves that Brime Live (WatchBrime) barely made any changes to the code for launch.

Brime (WatchBrime now BrimeLive) is, in fact, using an open source app known as OSP (Open Streaming Platform) and it appears they did very little customisation except just adding their own logo.

Others have slammed Brime for being hosted on extremely cheap shared servers.

Brime will — likely — never take off.

It is very unlikely that Brime will ever become the service the fans and the creators so badly desire it to be. Creating a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform from the ground up that is supposed to be able to support live and video streaming is not only very costly, but takes a team of experienced developers and engineers.

Even Mixer failed despite forking out millions in exclusivity deals with people like Ninja, and having an Xbox gaming console to piggyback of.

The BrimeLive twitter account has lost over 10,000 followers in the last month and will probably continue to bleed until their entire community just gives up on them.

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