Cybertruck memes that could end Elon Musk’s career


Elon Musk’s big Cybertruck reveal was a colossal failure, and if it wasn’t enough to end his career I’m sure these memes will.

The Tesla Cybertruck was supposed to groundbreaking tech, or so Elon Musk alleged. Unfortunately for him the only thing that broke was the so-called unbreakable glass. The internet reacted in predictable but hilarious fashion an career ending memes were born.

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Tesla cars are considered a luxury brand item among the rich and famous. As the saying goes, if you don’t drive a Tesla you are just a poor pleb. But the Tesla company has had it share of failures and many claim their vehicles to be nothing more than statement pieces. From failing auto-pilot to exploding batteries the Tesla is considered to be one of the most unreliable, expensive, vehicles today. Even Adam Kasilkowski of Digital Trends predicts that Tesla is doomed and the end is nigh for enviro-friendly car manufacture.

Elon Musk is naturally feeling the heat of impending failure and is pushing to innovate the automotive industry in hopes to remain relevant despite called a phoney and a fraud, even Apple founder, Steve Wozniak thinks Musk is full of crap.

Musk tried to prove the naysayers wrong when he revealed the Telsa Cybertruck.

What is the Telsa Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck is Elon Musk’s answer to the modern utility vehicle, or truck. It is built in a way that makes it almost impossible to dint or damage and built with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton to offer passengers ultimate protection.

But wait, there’s more! Musk also boasts that the vehicle brings new meaning to ‘utility’ as this butt ugly monstrosity can also double as a a flippin’ barbecue and grill. Sounds like something you’d hear on a cringey infomercial.

Tesla Cybertrick grill and barbecue

When Musk revealed the Cybertruck to the public he tried to demo the cars ‘indestructibility’ and the result was worth over 9,000 lols; after pelting a rock at the windows it smashed into millions of little pieces… twice.

Not only was this vehicle atrociously looking but it didn’t do what was advertised which ultimately rendered the car a useless ugly futurist ‘truck’.

We can, though, be grateful to Elon Musk for creating one of the most memeable moments in recent history. If a parallel can be drawn between Homer Simpson and Elon Musk, you know you’ve stuffed up big time.

Without further ado, here are the best Tesla Cybertruck memes that could end Elon Musk’s career.

Nailed it.

Musk stoned meme
Elon Musk meme: Stoned, nailed it.

This bad boy…

slaps roof
Elon Musk memes: *slaps roof*

Will not break…

Aladdin, Tesla meme
Elon Musk memes: Will not break…

You mean passengers?

I'm in danger
Elon Musk memes: I’m in danger!

Min requirements: GTX 950

Tesla graphics meme
Elon Musk meme: Graphics

Performance > Graphics

performance better than graphics

Hindsight > Oversight

rear view mirror tesla

The future is futuristic

futuristic tesla

Rear View Mirrors?

forgot something tesla

Elon Musk, “hold my beer.”

spong bob square truck

The Halo vehicle

Halo car
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