Elon Musk reveals awesome Alita Battle Angel themed SpaceX Starship


The chances for a sequel skyrocket after Elon Musk tweets out a concept for an Alita: Battle Angel SpaceX Starship.

Disney seem to be delusional as they are either ignoring and completely underestimating the popularity Alita: Battle Angel, but it certainly cannot go unnoticed for too long as Elon Musk has recently outed himself as a bit of a Hunter Warrior.

The Tesla and SpaceX billionaire — who is set to become the world’s wealthiest man — tweeted a picture of one of his rockets with an Alita design and the AlitaArmy went wild.

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Alita: Battle Angel had a successful cinema launch despite taking a backseat to Marvel’s Captain Marvel. 20th Century Fox had already locked in release date for Alita: Battle Angel to compete with Captain Marvel but when The Walt Disney Co. acquired Fox and it’s properties they put the focus on Brie Larson’s superhero flick.

Elon Musk Dont Doubt ur Vibe EDM music

Elon Musk tweets SpaceX Alita Battle Angel Starship.

Regardless, the film went on USD$400,000,000 at the international box office which more than doubled the entire budget, and considering it is a U.S. adaptation of an age old Japanese manga… that’s pretty amazing.

Alita: Battle Angel outperformed Jim Cameron’s next film, Terminator: Dark Fate, and is even set to beat Warner Bros/DC’s Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

Despite its success Disney have remained silent on the possibilities of a sequel and, as a matter of fact, have even refused to utter her name since the film’s premiere over a year ago. James Cameron and crew are still eagerly waiting for a greelight.

Rumours have it that Alita will continue to take a backseat to Carol Danvers and a word of a sequel will not be mentioned until her story concludes.

But now that Alita has found herself, or at least in concept, on to one of SpaceX’s rockets could mean that Disney might want to capitalise on the Alita love, especially after the clever campaign that was crafted by the AlitaArmy earlier this month that saw #AlitaSequel flag fly over the Oscars and Disney Stuidos.

Elon Musk tweeted a concept picture for his ‘Battle Angel Starship’ originally created in October of 2019 by Johnny SciFi, a respected fan in the Alita community, officially cementing his position in the AlitaArmy.

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Who do you think is a more lovable hero: Carol Danvers or Alita?

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