Flat Earther Mike Hughes dies after homemade rocket parachute fails


SHOCKING: Video shows “Mad” Mike Hughes die in a horrific accident trying to launch himself into space to prove that the Earth is flat.

Mike Hughes earned the nickname “Mad” after his first successful launch from a homemade rocket back in 2014. Although he failed to prove the Earth is flat, he earned international fame for trying to prove modern science wrong.

Sadly his third attempt at a launch ended in tragedy. Horrified audience watched in shock as the 64-year-old daredevil fell to his death from great heights. The graphic video of the late and great daredevil’s, Mike Hughes, final launch is now up on Twitter for all to see.

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February 22, Barstow, California — “Matt” Mike Hughes, popular Flat Earther, was ready to, once again, launch himself into the air and attempt to prove modern science wrong by getting photographic evidence that the world is disc-shaped.

His prior attempts, although successful at launch, failed to reach a height of 1,525 metres that he claimed he needed to get to, to prove the Earth was flat.

In 2018 Hughes’s second launch, although beating his initial launch to 418 meters, barely reached 550 meters. Regardless, Hughes was confident that he would make it to 1,525 metres this time.

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Daredevil Flat Earther “Mad” Mike Hughes dies tragically after homemade rocket fails.

Justin Chapman, a freelance journalist who was documenting the launch, claimed that the rocket seemingly rubbed against the launch tool, which could have have ripped the parachutes attached to it.

Tragic: Flat Earther, Mike Hughes, dies after parachute fails in homemade rocket.

The graphic video posted on Twitter shows the parachute get ripped out of the homemade rocket seconds after launch. He later falls to his death from several hundred metres in the air as his audience and supporters look on helplessly in shock.

The Science Channel, who were there covering the event, later confirmed his death on Twitter.

“Mad” Mike Hughes has been immortalised in the Guinness Book of Records for the achieving longest limousine jump of 32 metres in a Lincoln Town Car stretched limo in 2020.

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