Google AdSense revenue plummets by 80% in January, 2020


People are reporting a drop as large as 80% in Google AdSense earnings this January. Nothing to worry about, experts say.

Is your website traffic steady, or even increasing, yet Google AdSense earnings taking a massive dive? Don’t worry, it is not just you. People all around the world are reporting a massive drop in their revenue.

Did you know?

I don’t think there is anyone on this Earth, even Google themselves, that completely understand how the Google algorithm works. It often may feel like it has a life of its own, it is never predictable. You can monitor your website’s activity day-in and day-out and come to closer to figuring it out. There is, however, one aspect of Google that you can easily understand, and that’s Google AdSense.

CPM follows a steady trend and that is because advertisers tend to spend more, or less, in some months than others. For instance, right before Christmas people are keen to push their products and are willing to spend more on advertisement to get them holiday sales.

Google AdSense revenue and earnings drop in January

Google AdSense revenue plummets in January

After big spending holidays like Christmas, Valentines, and Black Friday, advertisers are more likely to hold back on advertising which means there is less money in the Google AdSense pool which ultimately means lower — much lower — CPM.

80% drop in AdSense revenue

Some are seeing their ad revenue drop as much as 80% while others are fortunate enough to only see their revenue drop by 50%. The drop heavily depends on the niche of your website and the kind of targeted advertisement that is pushed to your client.

Experts say there is no reason to panic, this is very common for January. You haven’t done anything wrong and Google isn’t punishing you. Your ad revenue should return to normal by mid February.

Did your ad revenue drop this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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