How to bypass TikTok ban by using a VPN in 3 easy steps


The popular Chinese video-sharing social app TikTok is about to be banned in Australia and America, here’s how to bypass the ban.

A lot of people have developed massive followings on TikTok and in the impending ban can have a massive impact on the lives of the people who have established themselves on that platform. But don’t worry, you can still use it.

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Millions of people all around the world use TikTok. Some do it just for fun while others use to to promote their business.

Some people have even earned celebrity status and became famous by sharing their wacky, and sometimes cringey, videos on the platform.

That is the case for Addison Rae, a 19-year-old American girl who is now an international superstar because she grew to fame on TikTok.

Sadly, a lot of people are worried that their livelihood might be stripped from them soon because of growing privacy and security concerns surrounding the app.

It’s official. After a thorough investigation of the Chinese video-sharing app known as TikTok, the authorities have deemed it to be too shifty and they have every intention of banning it.

Analysts say TikTok harvests huge amounts of data, and warn that the Chinese company which owns it — ByteDance — may be forced to share that information with the Chinese Government.

Without diving too deep into Chinese politics, these fears aren’t too far fetched. Similar instances have happened with other Chinese companies like Tencent.

The Aussie Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, even ordered the Federal Government to look “very closely” at TikTok, and it isn’t looking too good for fellow TikTokers.

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“If we consider there is a need to take further action than we are taking now, then I can tell you we won’t be shy about it,” ScoMo said regarding the investigation.

Keeping in mind the very real security risk, there is still away you can use TikTok once the ban takes place by using a VPN. Here is how.

How to bypass TikTok ban using NordVPN

Signup for an account:

Head on over to the NordVPN website and signup for an account. You can get 3-year access for as little as $3.95 a month if you act now.

NordVPN also offer 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service… but you will be, so don’t worry.

Download the app:

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs to use because of their user-friendly mobile app and top-notch security. It can be installed directly from the Play Store and the App Store and then you’re pretty much ready to go.

Sign in and choose your server:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign in using your account information. Once you’ve signed in, you will see the following screen.

Use NordVPN to bypass TikTok ban

How to bypass TikTok ban using a fast, reliable VPN.

You can either scroll around the screen, find a location that the app is not banned, and just click on the pin. It will automatically connect you to the fastest server in that region.

You can also scroll down a little and use the search function to find a very specific location. Once you have found you you like, just click connect.

Launch TikTok and start sharing:

After you’ve connected to your server you are set to start TikToking again, even though the app is banned where you are.

You’ve also got added security to boot, so your data want be as vulnerable if China decides to steal it.

Now you’re ready to star living large and become the next next TikTok superstar like Addison Rae!

Addison Rae

19-year-old American superstar, Addison Rae, made it big on TikTok.

Once you’re done with TikTok disconnect from the VPN server you can either do it directly from the app, or from the notification bar at the top of your android device.

Yep, it’s that easy and very, very cheap.

What more is that NordVPN has a desktop and MacOS app too and you can use one account for up to 6 devices.

We get that the upcoming ban can have a devastating impact on your personal life, business and livelihood… so you can rest easy knowing that you can still use TikTok when things go down.

Just remember, if you do decide to bypass the ban just make sure you are aware of the risks that your government has warned you about.

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