Metaverse “terrorist attack” exposed as anti-Christian hoax


The professor who alleged that far-right Christians carried out a terrorist attack on Metaverse with shrapnel bomb has been charged for lying to the FBI.

Jason Duhaime, a former lab professor at Northeastern University, claimed that far-right “fascists” carried out a terrorist attack at the VR lab at the campus that allegedly targeted the agenda of “atheists” and the “Antichrist”.

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Tuesday, November 13, a Northeastern University professor and lab manager told the FBI that he received a shrapnel bomb that exploded at his office. The professor also handed in a letter he said that was written by the Metaverse terrorists.

“To the lab manager of the VR lab and the other lab managers in the MSO!!! It has come to our attention that this VR lab is trying to change us as a world! Trying to get us to live in a world that we only communicate through headsets and live in a land called the METEVERSE [sic]! That we have computers paint pictures through AI!!!!! You are trying to change the fabric of the ideology of the peoplee [sic]! Trying to get us to inside a virtual f***ed up world!!!! You are not the creator!!!!!!! You think you are!!! We know you are the anti-christ sent to this world to change everything!!! We will stop you!!!” The email begins.

Northwestern University VR lab "terrorist letter."
Northeastern University VR lab “terrorist letter.”

“We know you are working with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and the US government!!!!! We saw at the headquarters Marks [sic[ communications with the MSO!!!! We know he has employed your MSO team and documents to travel back with!!!! We are sick and tired of this craziness that you are building and using us all as human test subjects!!! Mark Zuckerberg is the head of the US CUBER SECURITY!!!!! Not Meta!!!! He is funding the Ghost lab!!!!! We know that project is being marketed as a military project but it is not for the military iiit [sic] is to destroy US all AS A SOCITY [sic].

“Mark Zuckerberg is the Antichrist.”

“We know you are also working on a secret flying project to scan buildings across the world so Mark can atke over Google maps. We know you have lots of professors and students entering the lab and placing headsets on to have secret meetings with Mark. We know your [sic] eye tracking and measuring sidborgs [sic] artificial pulse. Te robots your [sic] building are walking around the campus at NEU, MIT and into Harvard yard!! We know in your 4th floor maker space you are making Mark 3D models for huis new headsettttt (VR). We know your [sic] building him robots!!!!”

Jason Duhaime, VR lab manager at Northwestern.
No Metaverse terrorist attack: Jason Duhaime, VR lab manager at Northeastern.

Actual Justice Warrior, a YouTuber, stated that it was evident that the former Northeastern professor wrote the letter because it was “a little too stupid, a little too on the nose, and a little too villainous.” In addition, he pointed out that the alleged shrapnel bomb’s casing was undamaged and the message was in pristine shape after the former professor claimed it exploded.

The letter strangely concludes with, “In the case you got today we could have planted excplisives but not this time!!!”

Jason Duhaime is an atheist.

No one was injured in the alleged blast. The former professor at Northeastern stated he has scratches on his arm because shrapnel entered his long-sleeve garment. Additionally, there was no damages to the laboratory.

The JTTF, BRIC and other task-forces offered their full support and conducted a 3-week long investigation into the attack.

“We are fully integrated with our partners and remain committed to resolving the incident safely,” said Jason Cromartie, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge.

Jason Duhaime staged Metaverse terrorist attack hoax.
Jason Duhaime staged Metaverse terrorist attack hoax.

The inquiry found, however, that Jason Duhaime lied to federal officials about the alleged “terrorist attack,” and he has been charged with a felony and is facing a 5-year prison sentence.

According to prosecution records, Duhaime, then the New Technology Manager and Director of Northeastern University’s Immersive Media Lab (Lab), called 911 on Sept. 13, 2022, to claim being injured by “sharp” items discharged from a plastic case he opened that evening. Duhaime allegedly informed the 911 operator that he and a Northeastern Lab worker had brought parcels from a postal location earlier that evening. Duhaime put two “Pelican” cases in a Lab closet. Duhaime allegedly informed the 911 operator that when he opened a closet case, “extremely sharp” items shot out and cut his arms. Duhaime allegedly reported that the case contained a “violent message” to the Lab.

Jason Duhaime, sacked lab manager at Northeastern, is an outspoken atheist who routinely engaged in arguments with Christians on Reddit. He was also allegedly doing research on development for Mark Zuckerberg’s new project which involves drones scanning and mapping real buildings.

Authorities suspect that financing for his research and development project may have been cut, and that this alleged “terrorist attack” was the lab managers’ attempt to draw attention to his work and save the project.

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