TikTok panic remove thousand of videos containing underage nudity


TikTok receives thousands of reports everyday for shamelessly hosting videos of underage girls in revealing or see-through clothing and now they are panic deleting a lot of videos.

Massive influencers on TikTok are outraged at TikTok for deleting their videos. While some receive no explanation for why the videos were deleted, others claim TikTok told them it was because they are worried they may be minors.

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It takes absolutely nothing to create a TikTok account. All you need is an email address and you can be watching and creating your content on TikTok within minutes of downloading the app. Upon creating your account, you don’t even have to give personal information like age, location, gender, or preference.

Although TikTok has a similar age restriction as Twitter and you must be 13 years or older to create an account, there seems to be no real way of actually verifying the age of a user. You will find accounts made by children clearly younger that 13 with just a few clicks from the “For You Page”. And some of these videos are very inappropriate.

There’s no denying that the minority of TikTok’s content is family friendly and wholesome. A lot of the challenges and trends are very sexually charged. TikTok thrives on dangerous challenges, partial “accidental” nudity and erotic dancing. A majority of TikTok’s most popular female influencers often wear see-through shirts with no bras to get extra views and likes and a lot of underage fans are copying their favourite TikTokers hoping that they too will be as famous as them one day.

The chances are that you will see a girl in a see-through shirt with no bra in the first three videos on your “For You Page”. A lot of these videos get left alone by TikTok as long as they use the #BodyPositivity tag but is still highly moral considering the app is freely available to 13-year-old kids with no parental lock.. or any real age verification system.

Courney.r260 on TikTok
17-year-old underage girl dances provocatively in see-through shirt with no bra on TikTok.

TikTok may have realised what kind of sh*t storm they’re in because they are actively removing some of these nudity videos because they believe the uploaders may be underage. But how would they know if they don’t ask you to verify your age? It seems very strange that TikTok would only delete some videos and leave others up.

When I first created my TikTok account I did it under one of my old Gmail accounts that wasn’t linked to any of my social media accounts or anything else. I chose the most random username that has nothing do with me but still TikTok somehow knew a lot about me. I was immediately recommended content featuring music from my favourite artists and memes about the games I play the most. It seems as though TikTok scrapes your phone for sensitive information and uses it generate content for your profile. Heck, they may even collect personal information like your actual name, address and age.

Marley Tipper
Marley Tipper is a 20-year-old TikTok content creator who often posts NSFW nudity videos of herself in a see-through top.

If that’s the case, that would explain why TikTok is selectively deleting content from certain users. One popular TikToker said that they deleted her video because they believed she was underage. In her response she claims to be 21. Despite this, TikTok have not restored the video.

That would also explain why TikTok accounts created by children under the age of 13 fall below the radar. Most kids don’t use their own devices to create accounts. They usually do it on their parents phone. They also don’t have their own social network profiles for TikTok to mine data from. The app would just see their parents’ data instead.

Now TikTok are deleting thousands and thousands of videos from accounts of all sizes claiming their are “trying to protect children“. But if they were really concerned about protecting minors, they’d either raise the age requirement for the app or enforce a stricter community guidelines and and content policy to ensure the platform is safe for 13 year old kids.

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