Naked Yoga videos don’t violate Community Guidelines says YouTube

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Thousands of explicit videos showing graphic full frontal nudity labelled “Naked Yoga” apparently don’t violate YouTube Terms of Service.

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YouTube has been striking channels with ‘sexually suggestive’ thumbails but have no problems with borderline pornographic videos showing full frontal nudity like “Naked/Nude Yoga”.

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YouTuber known as Brittany Venti has received a lot of strikes on her channel for allegedly violating YouTube’s ToS. One of the strikes Brittany Venti received on her channel was for reading The Holy Bible out loud in her stream. The reason YouTube gave was “hateful conduct”.

However, YouTube seemed to have no issues hosting borderline pornographic videos on their website, as long as it is in the guide of either liberal arts or education.

A quick search for the term “Naked/Nude Yoga” on YouTube will yield thousands of videos of naked women in compromising and sexually suggestive position.

Although these videos are age restricted they still appear in search displaying X-rated thumbnails. Regardless, it is very easy to bypass the age restriction since you don’t need to verify your age when you create a Google account.

According to YouTube, these videos do not violate their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines because of their disclaimers which claim videos are for “educational purposes.”

“This video is not in anyway supporting or encouraging sexual behaviour or sexual gratification or graphic sexual content,” the disclaimer reads.

“This video is ment [sic] for Educational, documentary purposes only. This channel is dedicated to educate people their health and body to improve peoples [sic] lifestyle and living.”

None of these videos are original content and most of them feature adult entertainers and are ripped directly from Pornhub.

Naked Yoga on Pornhub
Explicit nude/naked yoga videos are ripped directly of Pornhub…
nude yoga NSFW YouTube
… then edited and uploaded on YouTube as “educational content.”

YouTube claim to have very strict guidelines when it comes to posting adult content. Their own Community Guidelines for Nudity and Sexual Content states:

“Explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed on YouTube. Posting pornography may result in content removal or channel termination. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed on YouTube.”

Recently a YouTuber who wishes to remain anonymous had his YouTube terminated for having a “sexy Pharah” thumbnail for his Overwatch livestream.

Sexy Pharah in a bikini Overwatch
YouTuber received a Nudity and Sexual Content strike for Pharah from Overwatch fanart.

The thumbnail was removed and the YouTuber received a strike for “Nudity and Sexual Content” despite the the thumbnail not showing hand-drawn fanart of Pharah from Overwatch that didn’t contain any nudity.

YouTube have not taken down the “Naked/Nude Yoga” videos because they believe they are educational forms of liberal art.

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