NordVPN remove key feature from app and now it sucks


There are many reasons to choose NordVPN when it comes to privacy. However, their decisions to remove my favourite feature has got me looking elsewhere.

NordVPN is known to be one of the most reliable VPN services across the internet. Not only is their server affordable but it comes with both a desktop and mobile application that makes the VPN a breeze to use. However, after a few of their servers were compromised early last month some people are second guessing whether or not they should stick with them.

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NordVPN, last month, has confirmed it was hacked. The admission came following rumours that surfaced that the company had been breached. The first claim was that NordVPN had an expired internal private key exposed, potentially allowing anyone to spin out their own servers imitating NordVPN.

NordVPN hacked

“Potential attackers could have gotten only into that server and only intercept the traffic and seen what websites people are browsing — not the content, only the website — for a limited period of time, only in that isolated region,” Tom Okman, a member of NordVPN’s tech advisory board, told The Verge.

NordVPN sucks: NordVPN missing feature to choose server.

So, in a nutshell, only live information could be viewed by the hacker and there was no way of connecting sites visited to the user meaning that no real private information had been compromised.

However, shortly after NordVPN announced the breach they rolled out an update for their mobile app and one of the key features is now missing.

The mobile app allowed users to specifically choose a server to connect to; so if one region had many different servers you could select which one you wanted to connect through. This was great as it allowed people to use certain services with a dedicated IP. This was great for services that had high-security standards. Often when you log into a high-security service with multiple IPs you can be locked out. The NordVPN app was a way around that.

Unfortunately this feature has been removed from the application. You can no longer choose which server to connect through, now it is just random each time. Come on, NordVPN, this sucks!

Despite the NordVPN missing feature, they are still reliable and affordable and the app is easy enough to use but the removal of this key feature is a bit of downer. It could be removed for security reasons and might be added again at a later date, but I’m not too hopeful.

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