ReAmped Energy ad is so cringe but kind of special


This company may have sharp pricing but they have a terrible creative and marketing team. It’s like the homemade video you wish you’d never shared with your friends.

There’s plenty of terrible ads popping up every day, but Australian ads are pretty decent in general, bar most insurance ads. But I’m pretty sure I’ve stumbled across “The Room” of bad commercials. Which makes it great, I guess?

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You could argue that this commercial is, in fact, good since it got me riled up enough to write about it. In a sense, it did exactly what a commercial was supposed to do. However, the ad was so cringe that I paid no attention to what the company was called and what they were selling… so, it also kind of failed.

The commercial tries to be clever, witty, and funny by throwing in some classic Aussie pop-culture references but it just falls flat as a terrible cliche. It’s like watching your little brother’s first high school film project.

It starts with a couple (I assume) walking out from… God knows where… and then they are approached by thugs. The thugs asks if the guy has a pen, he says yes and hands it to them. The thug then pulls out a contract and demands that the victim signs it.

“Sign it honey, he’s got sharp pricing!” The girl shrieks in terror, and then — from literally nowhere — a long haired lanky guy with a Crocodile Dundee hat appears and drops what I can only assume is supposed to be the big punchline, “you call that sharp pricing?” He pulls out a clipboard and continues, “this is sharp pricing!”

It was an obvious attempt at the classic Dundee “you call that a knife” scene but it just failed terrible. Words cannot express the cringe, so here is the video:

ReAmped Energy ad is so cringe that it’s adorable

The real crime is that I couldn’t find the company even after ruthlessly Googling this very special ad. I tried the following terms and got no results: “you call that sharp pricing”, “sharp pricing ad”, “Crocodile Dundee pricing ad”, “cringe sharp pricing ad”.

I had to wait until the commercial came back on so I could grab the name of the company and what they were advertising. It’s a company called ReAmped and they, I believe, are an energy company.

Now when someone Google searches your cringe-worthy commercial they will at least find this article and know what you’re about. You’re welcome, ReAmped Energy!

ReAmped staff

ReAmped Energy staff act in the cringe ad, so now it’s just adorable.

Taking a look at their site they seem like an ambitious small start-up, and the the photo above proves that it was actual staff members who participated in the ad, so I won’t criticise the acting. But the writing, oh my God. You may have sharp prices but you have terrible commercials. Better luck next time, ReAmped!

In all honesty, if you are looking to support small Aussie start-ups give ReAmped a look and see if their pricing is as shard as they claim. It might actually be worth your while (and no, this post is not endorsed by them).

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