SEO: Is The Online Marketing Method Old News Or Very Much Here To Stay?


It used to be that internet marketing was the backbone of online businesses, but in 2022, is this tried-and-true tactic still relevant?

While online marketing is the staple for a successful Australian online business, beginners often forget how important Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is and, despite the claims that the old method is “dead” it is still vital even in 2022.

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As far as promoting your business online goes, there are few digital marketing methods quite as effective as a successful and well-strategized search engine optimisation campaign. That said, many people still claim that “SEO is dead,” and that it won’t be around for much longer… 

But, is there any truth to those claims? 

In this article, we’re going to challenge the idea that “SEO is old news,” – bearing in mind…SEO has been around for several decades and people have been swearing against it for just as long.  

SEO is more relevant than ever 

The fact is, SEO today looks vastly different to how it did 20-years ago. It is freeform and forever evolving, and today, with the ever-increasing competition online, it is more relevant than ever, especially when guided by leading digital marketing experts in Brisbane. These experts have a deep understanding of the constantly changing algorithms and trends, enabling them to craft tailored and effective SEO strategies for your business

Back in August 2022, Google released a new update: the people-first content update.

Online marketing
Online marketing

This update is part of a broader push towards ridding the internet of useless content and granting original content—written by people, for people—more visibility. 

In doing so, it is putting the power back in the hands of well-intentioned creators who are looking to answer the relevant questions and improve lives, rather than simply give their own businesses a boost.  

SEO isn’t resistant to change. In fact, the fluctuating nature of SEO is one of the reasons why many people (often disgruntled by their own inability to leverage the massive potential of SEO) assert their points about SEO being “old news.” 

It’s not. And it’s that very fluctuating nature that makes SEO more relevant than ever. Results are not guaranteed. 

If you want to maintain your position and dominate your industry online, you need to remain relevant yourself. You have to create well-researched and authoritative content that clearly and concisely answers people’s biggest questions. 

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

This in turn creates a competitive marketplace where brands and businesses are forced to either create authentic, exceptional-quality content or fall behind. 

Put it this way:

SEO will never die. 

SEO is changing 

Again, SEO is changing, just as it always has. Not only that, but there are new methods of digital marketing popping up all the time. 

Some business owners can experience success without focusing on their SEO, however, the real titans are using SEO as a part of their broader online marketing efforts. 

  • Using SEO on its own isn’t as powerful as using it in conjunction with PPC ads, social media marketing, video marketing, and more.
  • Just as neglecting SEO and focusing on other marketing avenues isn’t as powerful as covering all bases. 

If it were easy, everyone would be ranked #1 

The important thing to remember is that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. 

Be careful who you believe. When someone insists that SEO is dead and thus a complete waste of time and money…you have to ask why they hold that stance. 

Could it be that they worked with the wrong SEO agency? 

Perhaps they weren’t prepared to commit to SEO over the long-term? 

Maybe their methods were dated and they were more focused on taking short cuts and creating cheap content in bulk, rather than putting their audience first and creating superior quality over quantity? 

In any case, if you find yourself a reputable SEO agency in Sydney with a proven track record and case studies to boot, you’ll soon realise that SEO is not dead, but thriving and very much here to stay!

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