Skullcandy announce Crusher ANC most innovative headphone on market


Skullcandy announced the Crusher family; Method ANC and Crusher ANC, the only headphone on the market to combine Sensory Bass, Active Noise Cancellation, and Personal Sound technology. It is designed to take listeners deeper into their music and movies than ever before.

Skullcandy, Inc., the original lifestyle audio brand, announced today the expansion of their immersive audio category with the launch of Crusher ANC and Method ANC. The two feature-driven products bring a unique active noise cancelling experience to users, promising the chance to explore audio like never before.

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Crusher ANC unlocks dimensional sound through the combination of three innovative technologies: Skullcandy Sensory Bass, Active Noise Cancellation, and Personal Sound. The only headphone on the market to combine these three technologies, Crusher ANC is designed to take listeners deeper into their music and movies than ever before. Our Crusher ANC is without a peer in the market today,” says Jason Hodell, Chief Executive Officer of Skullcandy. “Improving on the famous sensory bass immersion of our industry-leading Crusher family, we have now added proprietary active noise cancellation and an industry-first personalization experience that no other headphone can match. You won’t just hear your music, you’ll feel it like never before.”

Adjustable Sensory Bass, Skullcandy’s patented bass technology, is responsible for the experiential bass. Crusher ANC delivers Skullcandy’s broadest range of adjustable sensory bass to date, offering listeners new layers of sound in any track. The bass response slider can be adjusted up or down, based on personal preference.

Skullcandy headphones leap ahead in innovation

The Active Noise Cancellation feature plays a critical role in keeping the broader bass range absolutely pure. The technology actively monitors the surrounding environment to filter out external noise, maintaining a crisp audio quality. An ambient mode deactivates Active Noise Cancellation by touching and holding the left earcup when the listener wants to be aware of their surroundings (e.g., commuting in the city or listening for their boarding zone at the airport) while still enjoying their music.

Skullcandy's Crusher ANC (Red)
Skullcandy headphones, Crusher family: Crusher ANC & Method ANC

The key Personal Sound feature enables the listener to custom-tune the Skullcandy headphones to their own unique hearing through the all-new Skullcandy App. Whether it’s a bass line, background vocals, or a unique sample, the personalized sound profile will allow listeners to hear layers of their music and movies more vividly—like they’re hearing it for the first time. The app also enables toggling personal sound profiles on and off, easy in-app pairing, headphone firmware updates, product registration, and access to user guides.

“With Crusher ANC, we wanted to recreate the energy and excitement of being at a live concert where you can literally feel the bass hits and hear every detail in the vocals or instrumentation.   Crusher ANC provides a deeply personal experience using modern headphone technologies combined in a new and unique way. Get ready to rediscover your music all over again,” commented Jeff Hutchings, Chief Product Officer at Skullcandy.

Lastly, Crusher ANC boasts up to 24 hours of battery life plus Rapid Charge technology, providing three hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge. It comes packed with a full suite of media controls including activate assistant, a removable AUX cable, and a durable flat-fold travel case. And if it’s ever misplaced or stolen, Crusher ANC includes a built-in Tile tracker so owners can easily locate it using the Tile app on a mobile device. For more information and pre-orders head on over to their official website.

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