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“Sugar Hair Removal” YouTube search reveals X-rated content

“Sugar Hair Removal” YouTube search reveals X-rated content

Full frontal nudity and graphic X-rated videos are hidden on YouTube. Searching “Sugar Hair Removal” brings up a lot of explicit videos and thumbnails.

YouTube’s a bit inconsistent when it comes to what actually violates their community guidelines. Certain content creators are getting banned without notice for disagreeing with politicians but YouTube allows X-rated content to freely exist on their platform.

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Several people who have challenged New York’s 14th congressional district Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been banned without so much as a warning, yet YouTube continues to allow very graphic content that is potentially harmful for children on their platform.

Last year YouTube allowed an X-rated ad to play in front of family friendly content. The video ad was of an adult model pleasuring herself to climax. Despite outrage YouTube refused to comment on the situation and the graphic ad remained live.

Now people are finding yet more graphic content guised as educational tutorials which contain full frontal nudity and X-rated scenes. If you search for “Sugar Hair Removal” YouTube will bring up a plethora of uncensored videos of women playing with themselves while shaving/waxing.

Woman having hair removal procedure on leg applying wax strip

One video titled “BRAZILIAN WAX- FULL TUTORIAL IN UNDER 10 MINUTES” has over 7 million views and has been live since May, 2019. The video shows an uncensored slideshow of the process of a woman waxing her genitalia. Although the video is age restricted — meaning that Team YouTube has manually reviewed the video — the thumbnail alone shows everything. Which, according to YouTube’s own guidelines, is a violation.

A former YouTube livestreamer had his channel terminated for using a fan art illustration of the character Pharah from the popular first-person shooter game Overwatch. The image contained no nudity yet the streamer still received a strike for having an inappropriate thumbnail.

Another YouTuber known as McNasty received a similar strike on his channel for ‘nudity’ for an image with an image of what appears to be a man using balloons as fake breasts.

However, YouTuber known as Grace J Power uploaded a video titled “Brazilian Sugaring at Home Part 2” where she’s naked from the waste down, with her legs spread, and zoomed so you can see everything.. and I mean everything. You can see her vagine and, err, the other hole clearly in the thumbnail. It’s gross!

Grace J Power in X-rated YouTube video

Grace’s video has been live since October, 2014, and is still up today. It has been viewed close to 17 millions times.

We’ve pressed YouTube on this many times and we’ve never received a response from them. Still, these clearly infringing videos remain up on YouTube with their X-rated thumbnails.

These channels are also monetised but sadly YouTube have rejected our partnership application 4 times, despite meeting all the requirements, because they think we’re problematic.

In a nutshell, content creators are getting royally screwed by YouTube. If they truly cared about their policies and guidelines they’d make an effort to protect children from this X-rated content while enforcing the rules equally on all accounts. Sadly that is just not the case, and we know who YouTube is targetting.