Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Los Angeles and it looks out of place


Elon Musk, the man himself, was spotted cruising around Los Angeles in the Tesla Cybertruck last night. He was taking his girlfriend, Grimes, out for a fancy dinner.

Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck only a few weeks ago and, love it or hate it, it seems to be doing pretty good in pre-orders.

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A post appeared on the popular link sharing website, Reddit, from user QSH2426 showing a picture of the Cybertruck cruising around the Hollywood hills.

Hollywood is home to many extremely wealthy people and some of them are privy to getting their hands on things before they even launch, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that one was spotted around those parts.

The Tesla Cybertruck in public

Tesla Cybertruck spotted in LA
Tesla Cybertruck in public, Los Angeles.

One of the most commonly asked questions was whether the vehicle would even be roadworthy without rear view mirrors to which QSH2426 responded, “concept cars (car without side mirrors) can be on the road if it has a lead car (if I’m not mistaken). In other sightings of the CYBR a Model X was the lead car if I remember correctly.”

It is also speculated that the car may use cameras instead of a physical rear view mirrors.

People were quick to note that the vehicle looked so out of place on the road, saying that it looked like a “car from a terrible 70s Sci-Fi movie.”

Reddit comments
Reddit comments show that people are not impressed.

There Tesla Cybertruck is not supposed to official launch until 2021 so Musk and his team of engineers have plenty of time to work out any kinks and correct design issues.

Musk takes girlfriend Grimes out for dinner for Ed Norton

It was later confirmed that the actual driver of the car was Elon Musk himself. The self made billionaire was taking his girlfriend, Grimes, and actor friend Edward Norton out on a fancy date in Malibu, Los Angeles, The Daily Mail confirmed.

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