Trump to take on Facebook/Twitter with own social media network


Trump 2024? Donald Trump is making his own social media network to compete with Facebook/Twitter after they both banned him.

Most conservatives are fed up with social media censorship. Twitter and Facebook have banned hundreds of thousands of accounts since January, and Trump is one of them. Now 45th US president is fighting back.

NEWS: Twitter deletes Joe Biden tripping meme for ‘inciting violence’.

Donald J Trump has been indefinitely suspended from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites since the supposed attack on the Capitol that took place on 6 January.

The reason that the tech giants gave for Trump’s ban was that he called for violence and used divisive rhetoric to endanger the lives of minority groups. After Trump left office he was also impeached for citing what the left-wing call “an insurrection.”n

Trump didn’t incite violence.

The impeachment lead nowhere was absolutely no evidence that Trump ever called for violence. In the video, which has now been deleted off YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, Trump asked people to assembly peacefully and let their voices be heard at the capital.

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Trump is the man in history to have been impeached and acquitted twice in two years. He is also the first citizen to not hold office to be impeached. Despite these many hurdles, Trump is not going anywhere and he plans to return to his own social media platform.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for Mr Trump’s 2020 campaign, told the network that Donald J Trump would re-enter the social media space with a new platform of his own that would “completely redefine the game.”

Mr Miller provided did not go into details about Trump’s new social media network, and officials with the Trump Organisation are yet to comment.

Google/Apple won’t support Trump’s platform.

Despite being cleared of any wrong doing from the latest impeachment hearing, Twitter and Facebook have not restored his account, and — according to our sources — they have no plans to.

A big tech insider revealed to us that Google, Apple, and Amazon have no interest in allowing Trump’s social media network on their services which means that it will have the same scalability and accessibility issues that Parler had.

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Earlier this year Parler was removed from the Apple and Google Play store because several users organised to protest at the Capital on January 6. Amazon also terminated their service meaning that they lost access to all their data and had to migrate to a new host.

However, Donald Trump had over 75 million people vote for him and there are a lot of people angry at Facebook and Twitter for banning him. Many people believe that he doesn’t need the help of Google or Apple to grow his platform.

There’s currently no new information on Trump’s social media platform, but this is definitely an indicator that he plans on running again in 2024.

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