Why Trump’s TikTok ban might actually be a great deal for Americans


TikTok has been officially banned in the USA but now the company is quickly scrambling to find away to bring it back with a Walmart deal… and it’s a bloody good deal.

TikTok was supposed to be officially banned in the USA today, but it has been delayed for, at least, another two weeks. Why? Because China are desperately searching for away to keep the app on USA based app stores.

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There might be a light at the end of the tunnel for TikTok influencers. Trump’s TikTok ban has scared ByteDance into being compliant with USA laws and now China has no choice but to agree to US terms if they wish to make the app available to Americans.

One of the biggest security risks of TikTok was the fact that all the user data of US citizens was stored on a servers that the Chinese Communist Party had unrestricted access to. The TikTok app basically turned your device into potential spy tool for foreign agents; it would give them access to your home and work address, as well as a plethora of other sensitive information stored on your device including private images and videos.

However, a lot of social media applications have similar access to your device and your data. The only difference is, when it comes to doing right by the people, China really isn’t the best example.

CCP are known for spying own foreign citizens.

On the contrary, China have been known to use personal data, not only against their own citizens, but visitors too. And the scummy thing is, there is nobody that can challenge the CCP; they make their own rules and do not play by the same book that the rest of us do.

WeChat, TikTok banned

Why will Trump’s TikTok ban help the USA economy? It forces China to contribute to the American economy.

So, Trump and his administration decided to outright ban WeChat and TikTok; sending them a strong message, “you want Americans to use your platform, you follow our rules!”

At first ByteDance and China didn’t budge. They mocked him for trying to ban one of the most popular apps to ever exist, expecting some sort of massive revolt by the millions of American TikTok users. Sadly for ByteDance, that wasn’t enough… and the ban went through.

Ban delayed as ByteDance scrambles to partner with Walmart.

The TikTok ban, as a matter of fact, was supposed to be enforced today, but now the CCP is finally caving into US demands and striking a deal with American owned businesses.

Walmart will now act as ByteDance’s technology partner providing them with secure servers located within the USA to store American user data. Isn’t that great?

tiktok walmart

ByteDance announce huge TikTok deal with American owned Walmart after ban. Huge win for the USA.

Before you cry foul, it is important to understand the nature of the ban (and the following arranged deal).

China are very secretive and secure when it comes to the data of their citizens. If any company wants to exist within China’s economy they need to surrender all their servers to the CCP; such is the case for Google.

[mv_video key=”pls4it4dsln9vzoutvkd” title=”Microsoft interested in buying short-form video app TikTok if Trump allows it” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/pls4it4dsln9vzoutvkd.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

By managing their own servers China can regulate the flow of data and prevent any leaks and breaches. This also boosts their economy as it creates more jobs and supports China owned businesses.

Better deal. Better security. Better economy.

Trump, in a nutshell, wants the same for his citizens. Since so many American companies who operate in China are forced to comply with Chinese laws, the same should apply for Chinese companies operating in the USA.

President Donald J. Trump

Trump’s TikTok ban has forced the CCP to play by American rules and it’s great for their economy.

The idea of managing user data like this isn’t as outlandish as many believe. Here in Australia, for example, we have a law that stipulates that any company that wishes to store sensitive data on Australian citizens must do it on Australian based servers; it is known as The Privacy Act of 1988.

Once ByteDance and Walmart work out the kinks of their new partnership Americans will be able to get back on TikTok knowing that their data is safely secured in their own country and not owned by a world super-power.

That is if, like the Microsoft deal, ByteDance and the CCP don’t change their minds at the very last second. But considering that this is their only option, and time is running out, they’ll probably rush it through.

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