YouTube appears to be censoring videos about the Hunter Biden emails

People are reporting technical issues when they upload videos discussing Hunter Biden emails and hard drive contents. Is this a new type of censorship?

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The Big Tech trio (Google, Facebook and Twitter) have all been working around the clock to contain the spread of the Hunter Biden leaks. They’ve even banned the U.S’s oldest newspaper, The New York Post, from breaking the news.

YouTube, subsidiary company of Google, appears to be censoring videos that discuss the recent Hunter Biden emails and other leaked content from his laptop hard drives. However, they seem to be doing this in such away that they can chalk it down as a “technical error”.

People have been reporting that any videos uploaded that are about the Hunter Biden leaks hang at 95% and never finish processing. Several people have reached out to Team YouTube for comment to no avail.

Tarl "Styxhexenhammer666" Warwick
YouTube is censoring Tarl “Styxhexenhammer666” Warwick’s Hunter Biden videos.

A prominent commentator and YouTuber Tarl “Styxhexenhammer666” Warwick has been trying to upload a video about the Hunter Biden emails for the past four days but has reported that the video never finishes processing.

Technical error or blatant censorship?

The problem allegedly is only affecting videos about the Hunter Biden leaks.

Some people believe that YouTube is deliberately doing this to stop the spread of the emails and are accusing the company of election interference.

“Dirty trick,” one analyst said. “They can just say it’s a technical error and refute claims that they are actually censoring this topic.”

Both Twitter and Facebook have limited the reach of the New York Post articles. Although Twitter reversed their decision to block the URL, The New York Post Twitter account still remains locked four days later.

Google exposed: algorithm favours Joe Biden

James O’Keefe, reporter and founder of Project Veritas, today exposed Google for manipulating their search algorithms to burry any negative Biden press to help him win the election.

“Why is all negative when you search Trump and all positive when you search Biden,” a Project Veritas insider asked Ritesh Lakhkar, program manager at Cloud Google.

James O'Keefe
James O’Keefe (investigative journalist and founder of Project Veritas)

“It’s skewed by the owners and the drivers of the algorithm,” Lakhkar responded.

“If I say, ‘Hey Google, here is another 2 billion dollars, feed this data set of whenever Joe Biden is searched, you’ll get these results.” He added.

Lahkar said that people were crying in the corridors at Google HQ when Trump won the election in 2016. “There were protests. There were marches. There was, I guess, group therapy sessions for the employees. Organised by HR.”

Google hire people directly from the CCP.

Ritesh Lakhkar also revealed that a lot of Google employees had been replaced with Chinese CCP immigrants.

“I can’t keep doing this,” he said. “Go and teach Chinese people how to do American jobs and come back and get shrivelled on the way.”

Google HQ

“Who were you doing that for? Google,” the Project Veritas reporter asked.

“Google, Fitbit [another Alphabet, Inc. subsidiary company]. Yeah. Those two, primarily.”

There’s been a lot of speculation into the relationship between big tech companies and the Chinese CCP after their questionable actions lately.

Both Twitter and Facebook have allowed the Chinese government to slander the current sitting U.S. president on their platforms while condemning Russia for spending USD$2000 on social media ads. Many would argue that the CCP telling the American people how to vote is definitely election interference.

Twitter bans CCP whistleblowers.

Twitter have also banned two major Chinese CCP dissidents and whistleblowers from the platform for revealing scandalous and damaging information about the close — and disturbing — relations between the Obama administration, of which Biden was Vice President, and the CCP.

Twitter suspended the account of a Chinese virologist, Li-Meng Yan, who claimed to have proof the virus was created in a Wuhan lab.

LUDE media, Giuliani, Brennan, Li-Meng Yan
Rudy Giuliani (Attorney), Wang DingDang (CCP whistleblower), Steve Bannon, Li-Meng Yan (Chinese virologist and CCP whistleblower).

Li-Meng Yan, a scientist who conducted some of the earliest research on coronavirus, posted her claims publicly on the open-access repository website Zenodo on September 14. She was immediately banned.

Just today Twitter banned yet another influential and well respected CCP whistleblower, Dr Feng Guan (Crown) PhD.

Dr Feng Guan, member of Lude Media, said he had information relating to the three hard drives that were owned by Joe Biden’s son and claims the content contained within is enough to have both Joe and his son Hunter Biden locked up for life.

Hunter Biden hard drives are from hell.

When describing what was witnessed on the drive Dr Guan said that this kind of content “could only exist in hell” while referring to a video that allegedly shows Hunter brutally torturing a 10-year-old Chinese girl.

“Luther’s [Lude Media] morning program said that it is said that the FBI director will be fired today! The director Lei used to cooperate with Mr. Wengui when he was a lawyer, but then HNA bought the law firm with a cooperation fee of $5 million a year.”

“Later, he was nominated as FBI director and passed quickly. This hard drive is under the ‘Thunder Button’. You must know that this Lei also gave a “Speech on Extinguishing the Communist Party” before. The swamps of the United States are deep, and now they are all exposed in front of the hard drive,” he concluded.

Whether YouTube is actively censoring Hunter Biden videos or not, The Department of Justice, lead by Attorney General Bill Barr, this Tuesday still decided to investigate things further and announced that they are bringing suit against YouTube’s parent company Google for their dominance in search and advertising functions.

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