YouTube down WORLDWIDE & all videos GONE


Did YouTube accidentally delete every single video on YouTube? The site is working but no video is playable ahead of election results.

Thursday 12th of November. YouTube went down a few hours ago, and while the site is still accessible none of the features are working as they should, or at all.

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TeamYouTube have acknowledged the issue and stated they are working around the clock to get everything up and running again. However, the issue seems to be quite severe.

The official support team for YouTube tweeted: “If you’re having trouble watching videos on YouTube right now, you’re not alone – our team is aware of the issue and working on a fix. We’ll follow up here with any updates.”

The problem is not only affecting YouTube videos but also their on-demand movie rental and livestreaming service. Some people may believe it may have something to do with it being the US election and the alleged YouTube purge.

Coincidence? YouTube down final day of election!

Today all states in America most post their official results so that an official President-Elect can be declared. However, with the latest turn of events, it may turn out that the mainstream media will need to walk-back their announcement of Joe Biden being President-Elect.

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TeamYouTube confirms YouTube down on final day of election: No videos are playing and people are blaming purge.

The governor of Georgia has announced that 14,000 ballots will be hand-counted and audited which may reduce Biden’s lead in the state. The state of Michigan has also said that any ballots received after midnight on November 3rd will be disqualified, this means that Trump has the lead in Michigan by 60,000 votes.

The aforementioned states as well as Wisconsin, Arizona and and Nevada are currently facing lawsuits and an investigation of voter fraud is pending.

This latest revelation may be the reason why the streaming service is down across the globe. The big tech video sharing service has been very active lately deleting very popular conservative right-wing channels of their platform.

Some claim that something might have gone wrong during the YouTube purge which effected the servers ultimately causing the outage.

UPDATE: Livestreaming and upload fixed.

Just moments ago TeamYouTube confirmed that users can now upload videos and livestream via Twitter.

However, any videos uploaded before today are still unplayable on the platform. People are still seeing unknown errors when they attempt to play older videos.

Several users have reported that some videos play but only in the lowest possible resolution (240p) which may suggest that one of YouTube’s datacentres storing a lot of YouTube videos is down.

YouTube have not given a reason why the servers are down or an ETA on a fix.

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