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YouTube to hide dislikes after “targeted dislike campaign” against Biden

YouTube to hide dislikes after “targeted dislike campaign” against Biden

Team YouTube announced that they will hiding dislikes because of “targeted dislike campaigns” after Biden gets bombarded.

Some, not all, YouTube channels will now be able to completely hide the dislike count on their channels due to the request of certain content creators. Some believe that do be Biden’s administration.

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Right now people can vote whether they like or dislike a video on YouTube and although content creators have the ability to disable the feature, some content creators want to mislead the audience into thinking there video is well liked.

Disabling the like/dislike feature also hides your like count which means that people cannot see what the general consensus of the video is without reading the video comments. YouTube want to change this and make it so certain channels can completely disable, or hide, the dislike counts.

“In response to creator feedback around well-being and targeted dislike campaigns, we’re testing a few new designs that don’t show the public dislike count. IF you’re a part of this small experiment, you might spot one of these designs in the coming weeks,” Team YouTube posted on Twitter.

The decision to disable or completely remove this feature came shortly after the official White House YouTube channel was bombarded with dislikes for President Biden‘s first ever press conference. This has lead many to believe that this is just yet another form of big tech censorship.

Team YouTube clarified by following up with another Tweet: “Creators, you’ll still be able to see the exact number of likes and dislikes in YouTube Studio. For viewers, if you’re in the experiment, you can still like or dislike a video to share feedback with creators and help tune the recommendations you see on YouTube.”

“Since when has YouTube ever listened to their creators? I feel like they are trying to hide the disapproval for the current government administration. It’s easy to discredit people’s opinions and just call it ‘targeted dislike campaigns’ and delete dislikes than it is to actually do your job,” a disgruntled YouTuber user opined.

Joe Biden like/dislike ratio

Another added: “I’ve never been a fan of the like/dislike system. If you don’t like a video, don’t watch it. But, seriously, the timing of this new change is very suspicious.”

YouTube have not yet announced an official date for a full roll out but certain users can reportedly hide their dislikes today. We can expect a full roll out within the next few months.