GLOW Season 4 finale ‘The Final Match’ will break your heart


In September, 2019, Netflix surprised fans with the announcement that GLOW is returning for its 4th and final season… but the word on the street is, it’s going to break your heart.

The fans have spoken and GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is one of the best television shows to air on Netflix since House of Cards. So, naturally, fans were absolutely thrilled to hear that GLOW is coming back one last time for “heart breaking” send off.

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Sadly — if the rumours are true — fans might not be too happy about the show’s conclusion because, as it stands, GLOW season 4 (marketed as The Final Match) will be a little less about comedy and a whole lot more dramatic.

Despite productions delays the cast are at work and training harder than ever for a season that is promised to have more focus on wrestling.

Alison Brie excited about filming the final season, says girls are training hard for GLOW finale.

Due to U.S. lockdown orders the new season probably wont premiere this year but the producers are confident that they’ll have it up and ready for binge-watching on Netflix in February, 2021. And, if the rumours prove to be true, the wait will be worth it.

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GLOW season 3 left us hanging with a lot of loose ends: Carmen quitting to go wrestle in the pro-circuit, Debbie buying a cable television Network in Los Angeles, and — most importantly — Sam Sylvia (masterfully played by Marc Maron) and his daughter’s new film, his underlining health issues, and the love story between him and Ruth. It is alleged that this is where it all comes together in the 4th and final season.

The word on the street is that Ruth is a little late to confess her love for Sam, and he’s a little reckless with his own health which leads to his tragic death in a heart breaking finale.

GLOW season 4 'The Final Match' finale is heart breaking

GLOW Season 4 finale ‘The Final Match’ is “heart breaking” suggest rumours.

The legacy of GLOW ends with the death of the director who brought all the girls together, but apparently there is beauty in all the tragedy. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have all matured through the process and are now chasing their own dreams… and Ruth, now transformed from the death of Sam Sylvia, has that hardened edge that she always lacked as an actress making her a brilliant actress that finally gets her big break.

Take these rumours with a grain of salt, though. It could bee nonsense, although it seems like a logical conclusion to the beloved Netflix Original series.

Let us know what you think of the GLOW season 4 finale rumours in the comments below.

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