About Us

Welcome to POPTOPIC – your go-to hub for the latest buzz in the entertainment realm and beyond. Nestled in the heart of Brisbane, Australia, our journey embarked in 2019 with a vision to create a ripple in the pop-culture narrative. From mainstream entertainment scoops to social media melodrama, we’ve got it all under one roof for the pop-culture aficionados.

Meet Our Team:

Magnus (Founder)

Magnus brings to POPTOPIC a rich tapestry of experience spanning two decades in the entertainment and media landscape. His early days saw him making contributions to Platform Nation and Next Gen News, honing his knack for the industry. The journey led him back to the shores of Australia, where he inaugurated POPTOPIC. Under his stewardship, POPTOPIC has catapulted to being one of Australia’s rapidly ascending sources of pop-culture news.

Dianne Anders (Senior Entertainment Reporter)

Known far and wide for her in-depth coverage of the Johnny Depp case, Dianne Anders boasts a diverse background, including a stint as a reality TV producer. Now residing in Melbourne, Dianne’s extensive network, cultivated over years in the television industry, grants POPTOPIC a unique vantage point in the entertainment news sphere. You can reach out to Dianne on Twitter @dianneoflaughter or drop her an email.

Erina Rose (Video Games Writer)

Hailing from Norway, Erina Rose is a seasoned game designer with a robust European studio experience. Now calling Australia home, Erina delves into the gaming world with her insightful articles, while basking in the warm Australian sun. Her journey and passion for gaming find a voice at POPTOPIC. Connect with Erina on Twitter @ErinaWins or via email.

Shawna Masiello (Social Media and Fringe Topics Reporter)

Shawna is our lens into the often tumultuous world of social media, influencer drama, and select political issues. Her coverage on fringe topics provides a fresh perspective, adding a unique flavor to the POPTOPIC narrative.

Online news, journalism concept.
Online news, journalism concept.

With a vibrant and seasoned team, POPTOPIC strives to be the pulse of the pop-culture community, delivering fresh, reliable, and engaging content right at your fingertips. Our roots may be in Brisbane, but our stories resonate across borders. Welcome aboard the POPTOPIC voyage – where every story is a journey worth embarking on.