Refund Your Censored Digital Copy of Stellar Blade Now


If you want to experience the uncensored version of Stellar Blade go get the physical copy of this amazing game today!

We must correct our previous reporting. Contrary to our initial understanding, the Day One patch does indeed censor in-game content, including changes to character outfits, camera angles, levels of gore, and even street art. To experience the game as originally intended, here’s the definitive guide to accessing the uncensored version of Stellar Blade.

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If you’ve recently purchased a digital copy of Stellar Blade on the PlayStation Network, you might find yourself facing a significantly altered version of the game compared to what was originally advertised. This isn’t a fault of the developers, Shift Up, who delivered a complete and polished game. Instead, these changes stem directly from decisions made by Sony, influenced by feedback from certain segments of the gaming journalism community.

What’s Been Censored?

Stellar Blade Bunny Suit
Refund Your Censored Digital Copy of Stellar Blade Now (Get the Physical copy!)

The censored version of Stellar Blade includes several notable alterations:

  • Character Outfits: Some of the original outfits have been modified to be less revealing.
  • Gore Reduction: Elements of violence and gore have been toned down.
  • Camera Angles: Certain dynamic camera angles, particularly those that emphasized dramatic or potentially sensitive content, have been removed.
  • Environmental Art: Original graffiti artwork in the game, which was subject to criticism by a few game journalists, has been replaced.

How to Experience the Game as Originally Intended

To ensure you experience Stellar Blade as it was meant to be played, without the post-release censorship imposed by Sony, follow these steps:

  1. Request a Refund: If you purchased the digital version and are dissatisfied with the altered content, consider requesting a refund on the grounds that the game was not delivered as advertised.
  2. Acquire a Physical Copy: Purchase a physical copy of the game. These discs contain the entire 29GB of unaltered content, reflecting the developers’ original vision.
  3. Prevent Automatic Updates: Before installing the game, disconnect your PlayStation 5 from the internet. This step is crucial as it prevents the console from automatically downloading the censorship patch.
  4. Install Offline: Continue with the offline installation of the game from the physical disc. This will install the uncut version of Stellar Blade.
  5. Play Through Offline: Complete your initial playthrough offline to avoid any automatic updates that might alter the content without your consent.
  6. Optional Updates: After experiencing the game as intended, you can decide if you wish to connect to the internet to download updates for new game modes or achievements. However, be aware that this might also install censored content.

You’ll know that your not playing the censored version because of the “Hard” graffiti is still on the wall outside Roxanne’s shop.

Sony’s Inconsistent Censorship Policy

The selective censorship seen in Stellar Blade contrasts sharply with Sony’s approach to other games like The Last of Us Part II, which features much more explicit content in terms of both sexuality and violence but remains uncensored. This inconsistency highlights a reactive policy influenced by external pressures rather than a consistent, principled approach to content regulation.

Kaya Sister's Junk
Refund Your Censored Digital Copy of Stellar Blade Now (MFW Sony censored a non-problematic game)

In The Last of Us Part II there’s a very graphic scene where the protagonist shared a not so intimate but very rough moment of surprise butt-stuff. The female protagonist is also completely topless during this very awkward scene. Another playable scene has you beating open an innocents man’s skull with a baseball bat. The player has no choice to skip this and must murder the innocent man. But hey, Sony, sexy swimwear goes too far?

By choosing to support the physical, uncensored version of Stellar Blade, consumers can enjoy the game as the developers intended and send a clear message to content publishers: integrity in advertising and respect for artistic vision should be the standard, not the exception.

This is a mature rated game. We don’t need Sony or other game journalists telling us what we can and cannot see in our video games.

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