Stellar Blade Day One Patch Doesn’t Censor Outfits/Suits


Evidence suggests that the Stellar Blade Day One Patch doesn’t censor suits, despite fan concerns after graffiti censorship.

Fans of the highly anticipated game Stellar Blade have expressed concerns over potential content censorship, particularly regarding the outfits and suits of EVE, the game’s protagonist. However, these concerns might be premature, highlighting instead the diverse array of costumes included in the game.

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Stellar Blade has been at the center of controversy concerning its content and character design. Developed by SHIFT UP, the game was promised to remain uncensored in all regions. This commitment was upheld until a recent incident involving a piece of graffiti labeled “Hard” next to a shop called “R” was altered following criticisms from IGN, suggesting a racial interpretation. SHIFT UP responded by changing the graffiti to read “Crime” in the Day One patch, sparking fears of further unnecessary censorship.

Stellar Blade censorship
Stellar Blade Day One Patch Doesn’t Censor Outfits/Suits

These fears extended to the character designs, particularly the suits worn by EVE. Some players compared early screenshots to recent ones, fearing that changes were made to tone down her costumes. However, a Reddit user who accessed the game before the official release confirmed that many of the supposedly altered suits were indeed present in the game pre-patch, indicating that these were different suits altogether.

This suggests that the game features numerous variations of similar outfits, providing a wealth of content that should excite fans rather than cause alarm. The situation, while initially causing a stir within the gaming community, appears to be a misunderstanding amplified by the rapid spread of unverified information online.

Reddit proof
Stellar Blade Day One Patch Doesn’t Censor Outfits/Suits

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Stellar Blade‘s Day One patch and the alleged censorship of EVE’s suits seems to be more of a tempest in a teapot. As it stands, the game offers a broad spectrum of content and customization options that remain faithful to the developers’ original vision. Fans looking forward to enjoying the diverse suits and rich gameplay of Stellar Blade likely have nothing to worry about.

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