The Hunt got cancelled for this reason and it’s a good thing


Despite claiming they definitely wouldn’t do it, The Hunt got cancelled but Universal haven’t disclosed the real reason why. Regardless, it’s a good thing.

There has been a public outcry from the American right about the release of Universal’s The Hunt, but the media has been predictably dishonest about why people are outraged and, ultimately, why the film got canned.


The Hunt is set in the near future where blue states are a leading majority within the United States and globalism has taken over. Citizens that belong to red states are considered deplorable, inhuman even, and violence against them has been legalised. So, blue state elitists track, kidnap and then hunt and kill red state Americans for sport.

In one particular scene, sources told us, the film’s protagonist (or antagonist, depending on your politics), Crystal, is brutally tortured and humiliated by the elites. Crystal, played by Betty Gilpin, is allegedly a fictional version of the current U.S. president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Wait, what? This is a film that, at least by reading the plot, demonises the left – why on Earth would the American right want this movie to disappear? The answer is simple; it’s dangerous.

The real reason The Hunt got cancelled

The recent violent tragedies that took place in the United States are alleged to be a result of political polarisation. Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, was affiliated to a left-wing terrorist organisation that fight under the guise of anti-fascism. The killer had expressed his political views on social media and retweeted Senator Elizabeth Warren’s call to fight Nazi white people on American soil. Obviously this kind of fearful rhetoric can incite unhinged individuals to violently lash out.

As an Aussie I’m a bit removed from the polarising political hotbed of American politics but it is still bleeding into my news feed. Even Australian National late night news has taken a crack at painting the American right as actual white supremacists; but honestly, anyone with two eyes and a functional brain can see through this nonsense.

Universal made the right decision by cancelling The Hunt, especially right now while Americans are so divided and tensions are high. It has nothing to with people being offended or trying to silence free speech. Americans are just sick of being pitted against each other. There is no reason why for people to hate each other because of a difference in political opinion.

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