Trevor Sinclair remains relevant, blames Liverpool for England’s decision


Former Manchester City winger turned Squire Gates bench warmer, Trevor Sinclair, points the fingers at Liverpool fans for causing the bust up between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez.

When’s the last time Trevor Sinclair was relevant? The 46-year-old English footballer used to play for Manchester City… 12 years ago. During his 4 years with the English champions the winger had a total of 82 appearances and scored 5 goals.

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Instead of letting his career die with some dignity Sinclair is now playing for Squire Gates FC. Chances are you’ve only heard of this club if you follow the North West Counties League. But to stay relevant Sinclair thought he’d chime in on England’s decision to drop Raheem Sterling from the Montenegro match.

Trevor Sinclair blames Liverpool fans. “He moved to Manchester City because he wanted to win trophies and he’s won six major trophies since signing for them,” Sinclair told talkSPORT.

“Now, how can Liverpool fans be calling him out? He went there as a young player, he gave everything for the red shirt when he was there, and he was sold for a record fee. Why is there hatred towards him?”

Sterling victim of extreme abuse from Liverpool fans alleges Sinclair

“This has definitely added fuel to the fire; I don’t think Raheem reacts in this way (towards Gomez) if the fans aren’t singing that. It’s a hatred that everyone could hear in the stadium and everyone could hear on the TV.”

“I don’t know how this is not getting dealt with because I don’t feel one player should have that extreme abuse against him.”

“We all know Raheem Sterling – he’s a diamond of a player, he’s an inspiration to millions and let’s get it right, if England had a few more players like Raheem we’d be in a good place.”

Trevor Sinclair with hair. (Trevor Sinclair blames Liverpool fans)

For some reason Sinclair thinks that Sterling is the only player ever to receive ‘extreme abuse’. It’s not like Manchester City fans enjoyed chanting about Gerrard’s slip for the rest of his English football career but, I digress, is that an excuse for little Raheem’s appalling behaviour?

I mean surely if you piss of your fans and betray your club by forcing an exit so you get paid more playing for a rival team, you aren’t exactly going to be welcomed back with open arms. And the way he did it left a bad taste in the mouth of all Liverpool fans; he talked crap about his — then current — team, management and also the fans.

Raheem Sterling betrayed Liverpool

The surprise BBC interview came right after Sterling rejected a £100,000-a-week Liverpool deal. He claimed he was criticised for being a ‘money grabber’ during the interview, but it was Sterling’s response to one question that pissed off fans even more. When asked by the reporter if there is any amount of money that could convince him to stay with Liverpool Sterling answered, “it’s not about money, it’s about playing football. I just want to play with the best and win trophies.” The comment clearly insinuated that Liverpool weren’t the best and couldn’t win trophies.

It’s not easy being a professional footballer, every player is under tremendous amount of stress, and, as unfortunate as it may be, heckling is very common place. However, it isn’t something that’s unique to Raheem Sterling. Even still, I am sure a £300,000 weekly pay check can numb the pain of being called a ‘tosser’ by the people he insulted and betrayed back in the day.

Since Raheem’s departure Liverpool have become champions of Europe and are well on their way to taking home the Barclay’s premiere league trophy.

As for poor little Raheem Sterling, it turns out England did just fine without him — one of their best performances in a while, some would say — destroying Montenegro 7 – 0 after Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxelade-Chamberlaine opened the score line with his 11th minute goal in the Euro qualifier.

Was Trevor Sinclair right to blame Liverpool fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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