How to dress like Dua Lipa in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter


Think Dua Lipa is one of the most trendy singers in the industry? We do too! Here are some helpful tips to help you dress like her any time of year.

It’s not hard to see that Dua Lipa has a unique fashion style. Her outfits are always on point no matter what the season is. You can dress like Dua Lipa without breaking bank, too!

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Dua Lipa, undeniably, is one of the most beautiful singers in the music industry. It’s a combination of her fierceness and confidence that makes her stand out from the rest. To boot she’s also got a very defined style for each season of the year.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a millionaire to dress like Dua Lipa. You just have to know where to shop! It’s rather easy to find afford Dua Lipa type of fashion if you know where to look, and you can match her style at a pretty good price.

So, here are 4 different styles of Dua Lipa; from Summer to Winter and everything in between.


Spring DuaLipa

How to dress like Dua Lipa in Spring. Snug short onesies for the win.

Spring has the perfect weather to be a little daring in your style. Why not do what Dua Lipa did and wear a short button down onesie out on the bout? You’ll be certain to turn heads.

You can find onesies like this for as cheap as $24.00 on online. Amazon has a nice Moxeay women’s long sleeve v neck that looks super cute for that price.

The customer reviews are stellar and it is one of the hottest selling items on Amazon right now!


Summer Dua Lipa

How to dress like Dua Lipa in Summer. Swim wear and manga style.

This Dua Lipa manga body suit is available from her official merch store for AUD$78.30 but you can get something super similar for much cheaper.

For only AUD$21.99 you can a Pokemon Pikachu one piece swimsuit then all you need is a pair of fishnet leggings for AUD$20 and you’ve achieved the full look for under $50! Once the lockdown ends you will be hitting the beaches Dua Lipa style!

Live outfit

Party all night in the summer in a Steven Rhodes graphic tee and sultry, sparkly, see-through trousers like Dua Lipa in her performance getup. Personify hot girl summer with a black bikini bottom under those fabulous trousers.


Lip Autumn

How to dress like Dua Lipa in Autumn/Fall. Casual and cosy is her fashion.

Casual, cosy and classy is how Dua Lipa likes to roll in the Winter months, and you can too. You can pick up straight cut roll up jeans from anywhere for pretty cheap, but your best option is too order a pair from Amazon during lock down. They will cost you as a little as $24 and are available in many sizes.

The blazer, on the other hand, might be a little harder to find. When the shops open up, I guess, you could go hunting for a nice designer blazer that will definitely cost you a pretty penny… or you could buy a nice button up plaid blazer coat with retro stripe print for Amazon for anywhere between $12-30!

Then all you got to do is accessorise.. and any black handbag will do!


Lipa winter

How to dress like Dua Lipa in Winter. Wool and knitwear, and lots of skin is her style.

Okay, I have to be honest. As much as I love this look, it is going to be a pain to find online, and for cheap… which is sad, because I absolutely love it! It is perfect indoor Winter wear (not outdoor), because you’d have to be pretty crazy to go out in this in the cold! But yeah, Due Lipa loves wool knitwear a lot.. and it’s super expensive.

If you want the best knitwear it is best to either make your own or go to speciality stores. You could, though, achieve a similar look by mix and matching some knitwear found on Amazon. For example, you get get some Zando Athletic Sports Knit Pattern Womens Winter Socks Crew Cut Cashmere Retro Thick Warm Soft Wool Socks from Amazon for $10, and a Aran Woollen Mills – Carraig Donn Ladies Irish Multi Cabled Raglan Super Soft Merino Wool Sweater from $70 and then finish it off with a cute little matching beanie for around $10.

If you want the ultimate WOW-factor and have a little money to burn you could get this 100% Wool Norlender Norwegian Cardigan, but it isn’t cheap… but definitely worth it, and you could impress Dua Lipa with your fashion know-how!

Well, that’s about it. Just remember these things when shopping for your Dua Lipa inspired wardrobe; get plaid and checkered patterns, plenty of wool and knitwear… and don’t be shy to show some skin!

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