Skai Jackson, 18, uses Twitter to ruin minors’ lives for edgy memes


Disney actress Skai Jackson ruined the life of 13-year-old and his family because he once said, “guacamole n*gga penis.”

The girl who once played the adorable Zuri Ross on Disney Channel’s Jessie and Bunk’d is now an angry adult and political activist who is setting her target on little kids who might have said something racist or offensive online.

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The 18-year-old actress may not want to get her hands dirty, or put her live at risk, by joining the violent Black Lives Matter protests that have resulted in buildings being burnt to the ground and shops being looted empty but she’s doing what she can to assist in ‘fighting white supremacy’.

Skai Jackson is now a legal adult and she’s doxing children on Twitter. The Disney starlet turned internet villain has been combing through TikTok to find videos of teenagers and young kids saying racist edgy things and then sharing it on her Twitter profile requesting her followers to ‘find and ruin there lives’.

In one case Skai Jackson revealed the personal information, including phone number and address, of a 13-year-old boy who, last year, responded to comment with, “guacamole n*** penis.”

Her Instagram
Skai Jackson, 18, uses Twitter to ruin minors’ lives for edgy memes

Skai found out what school he was attending and where is parents worked and told her 500,000 Twitter followers to harass them. As a result the boy was expelled and both his parents are now unemployed.

InStyle magazine wrote an article supporting Skai Jackson’s actions and shared it with a Tweet saying, “WE CAN NOT HELP BUT STAN HER!”

Skai Jackson accidentally told her fans to go after the wrong person which resulted in the innocent individual having to beg for people to leave him alone. Skai later apologised and said, “don’t go after that account. I posted the wrong one.”

This has unfortunately lead to other young school students sharing the private information of their peers and asking for others take action against them. One girl shared the personal information of her class mate for singing along to a rap song.

Do you think Skai Jackson should be banned from Twitter for engaging in targeted harassment and revealing personal information of minors? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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