Call of Duty fan finds a literal Modern Warfare 2 time machine


A convertible vehicle has been spotted zooming around Arizona, USA, sporting a license plate that makes many Call of Duty fans quite nostalgic.

A Call of Duty fan posted a picture of a car with the license plate 1V1RUST. “Best license plate ever,” he claimed. The picture is of a grey/silver Honda S2000 with custom mufflers.

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The high RPM drop-top sports vehicle has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that revs to a incredible 9000rpm, and was only ever sold with a manual gearbox. It was originally built to celebrate Honda’s 50th anniversary and was only ever intended to be a limited edition model – but more than 110,000 were sold in 64 countries in its 10 year run. Unusually, a single brand new example showed up in Australian sales charts early in 2017, when a dealer sold a never-before registered example from his own private collection.

Honda S2000 plates 1v1RUST

1v1 Rust

Rust is a map in Modern Warfare 2. It is the ‘spiritual successor’ to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Shipment map. This is also one of the more multiplayer-flexible maps. Close range weapons will work arguably the best here, but longer range weapons such as assault rifles, light machine guns and semi-automatic sniper rifles can perform well too. Due to the small size of the map, players will spawn within close proximity to each other. Occasionally, players will spawn directly in someone else’s line of sight, resulting in very quick kills. There are very few viable camping spots as most locations are exposed or easily accessible.

This map is generally unpopular due to the amount of “spawn kills” and grenade spamming, as well as a large amount of Grenade Launchers and Thumpers used; however, skilled and experienced players can often counter these methods. Although it is easy to get vast amounts of kills on this map it is still generally skipped for larger maps. Thus making this Modern Warfare 2 map extremely popular map for skilled players to do 1v1 challenges.

This isn’t the first time this car has been spotted in public by a Call of Duty fan.

We are happy to report that, despite owning such a beast of a vehicle, the owner is a responsible driver and has never had a single violation or citation.

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