Ironheart became smarter than Iron Man to prove the patriarchy wrong


Women are taking over the Marvel universe. According to the writers, they are smarter and more powerful than their male counterparts; as is the case for Riri Williams.

Ironheart aka Riri Williams is young black woman who aspired to be a scientist much smarter than Tony Starks and in the new comics she achieves her dreams.

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Screen Rant claims that Riri Williams is a worthy successor to Iron Man even before she earned her superhero title Ironheart because, unlike Tony Stark, she wasn’t fed with a silver spoon, nor was she a part of the patriarchy.

Marvel have put a lot of stock in Riri William’s character and plan on making her even more popular than Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Ironheart is currently the main hero in the Champions and Marvel are prepping her to become on of the main Avengers.

The Ironheart comics depict Williams as one of, if not, the smartest people in the Marvel universe and, according the latest issue, she is hell of a lot smarter than her former mentor, Tony Stark.

Riri Williams aka Ironheart takes over when Tony Stark dies

Ironheart (Riri Williams) is smarter and more powerful than Iron Man (Tony Stark) in new Marvel comic books.

Riri Williams first appeared in the Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodata’s 2016 Marvel comic, Invincible Iron Man. The comic details her academic accomplishments: at 15, she attended M.I.T. on a scholarship and designed her bootleg Iron Man suit with materials she stole and scavanged. This is what ultimately catches Tony Starks attention and offers to become her mentor.

Creator, Brian Michael Bendis has since confirmed that Stark’s mentorship did very little to help her out because she was a ‘far superior intellect’. According to Bendis, it just gave her access his wealth which she used to create her own armour suit which is also far better than Iron Man’s.

But what exactly inspired this young black girl to excel and become the smartest scientist in the entire Marvel comic book universe? Her hatred for the patriarchy.

Riri Williams fights the patriarchy

Riri Williams (Ironheart)wants reason to hate white men (the patriarchy). Is inspired to become better and smarter than Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Riri Williams was inspired by the first female astronaut who was once told by the patriarchy that being an astronaut was a man’s job and that she should just be a nurse.

It seems as though the next generation of Marvel comics and movies will give women larger roles. Captain Marvel is already the most powerful superhero in both the cinematic and comic book universe, and Riri Williams the smartest.

What are your thoughts on the new Ironheart being smarter than Iron Man in the new comic books? Let us know in the comments below.

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