Among Us devs adding pronoun option after misgender outrage


Among Us devs have received numerous threats and demands to add pronouns to the game after people claim they feel dehumanised by being misgendered.

In Among Us you play as a minimalistic drawn astronaut. You can pick your colour, wear a hat, or change your name but, aside from that, most of the games characters are pretty samey. To some, this minimalistic art style is very problematic.

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Non cis-gendered/binary gamers claim they feel dehumanised in every single game they play because they are misgendered.

“Nearly every game I play somebody calls me ‘dude’ or ‘man’ and those are not my pronouns. It’s like the Among Us developers are trying target the trans community,” Touka told us.

Emergency Meeting

Among Us devs have emergency meeting after trans misgender outrage.

“On social media I can pick my own PFP (profile picture) and add the necessary details to my bio, like my pronouns. That option is non-existent in Among Us, and I truly believe that the fact that developers are aware of this misgendering going on in their game and are not addressing it means they are supporting transphobia,” she added.

K-pop trans community in confusion…

Most of the outrage seems to come directly from K-pop avis on Twitter, but they aren’t exactly sure how to address the issue of misgendering.

While some think simply using the colour to represent your gender is sufficient…

Others strongly disagree…

There has been a lot of outrage on Twitter about “misgendering” in the game as thousands of non-cis people have demanded that the developers do something about it… and it appears that they’ve listened.

The Washington State based developers are big advocates for trans rights and have reportedly often discussed this issue with their fans on their official discord server.

“They are planning on making Among Us less problematic before moving on to work on the sequel,” a member of InnerSloth official discord server told us.

“They are currently talking about adding the option to add your pronouns in the game, and anybody that deliberately refuses to use a persons pronouns may have their account suspended or banned for hateful conduct,” they disclosed.

We’ve reached out to InnerSloth (Among Us devs) for comments to see whether they are serious about this feature and, if so, when we can expect to see it implemented.

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