Ninja and Shroud free to stream on Twitch as Facebook absorbs Mixer


Ninja and Shroud are no longer legally obligated to stream on Mixer as Microsoft’s streaming platform will soon be absorbed by Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft is abandoning their short lived streaming service Mixer and, instead, will be sending their users to Facebook Gaming as of July 22, reports say.

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Microsoft will officially shutdown Mixer next month, July 22. The decision to dissolve Mixer and release current big name streamers like Ninja and Shroud from contract comes after the unfortunate failure of the streaming service.

Microsoft will no longer be taking on gaming-centric streaming giant Twitch and will instead send their users to Facebook Gaming after a deal was struck with the social media conglomerate.

Microsoft’s bout in livestreaming was short lived despite spending millions on securing some of the biggest eSport personalities. Mixer launched in 2016 and only lasted until July, 2020.

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Microsoft release Ninja and Shroud from contract as Facebook Gaming absorbs Mixer.

Microsoft announced that when Mixer goes offline, it will be transfer all remaining partnerships to Facebook Gaming and redirect visitors to the service as well.

The newly penned Facebook deal appears to be a smart move on Microsoft’s side as it makes streams accessible to a much larger audience. Microsoft will also integrate their xCloud game-streaming service into Facebook Gaming so users can quickly play titles that they see inside the service.

Ninja, Shroud, and other big partnered streamers will not be forced to move to Facebook and can return to stream on Twitch.

Are you sad to see Mixer end or happy to see Ninja and Shroud return to Twitch? Let us know what you think in the comments below

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