TikTok hype house manager uses BLM to threaten landlord


TikTok hype house “The Drip Crib Club” threaten landlord with Black Lives Matter protestors after being sued for not paying rent and damaging property.

A Californian landlord is threatened with violence and protest from Black Lives Matter after suing TikTok influencers for ruining his property and not paying rent. The TikTok influencers used his home as a hype house for other influencers of colour and now they, The Drip Crib Club, have been exposed of scamming.

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Rahzia Johnson was invited to become a member of TikTok influencer hype house exclusively for people of colour known as theDrip Crib Club. After spending some time there and reviewing her contract Rahzia Johnson left because of dangerous and disgusting living conditions as well as the blatant scam in the contract.

Ms Johnson was bitten by rats while sleeping in a seedy room on a “popped air mattress” and had to leave to get immediate medical attention rat bite disease.


“And we look around the house and we were like — oh my god — like it’s dirty. Like we start realising it’s so dirty, the floors are stained, everything’s dirty, they don’t clean, the oven is nasty like … it looks like horrible. There is rat droppings everywhere and we’re freaking the frick out,” Ms Johnson said in a follow up TikTok video.

Rahzia Johnson TikTok

She released video footage from inside the house showing mould growing on bedroom doors, rat droppings, and trash everywhere. One video showed what appears to be a months worth of trash stacked right outside the house’s entrance.

Ms Rahzia Johnson said she was shocked when far leftist YouTuber known as Def Noodles claimed that the male members of the hype house were all “raging Trump supporters.”

They defecate on the street.

“I feel like prisoner in my own home,” Marsha Scully, a neighbour who has lived in the area for 50 years, told the local news station Spectrum News 1. During the interview Ms Scully showed the filth left on the streets from the hype house which included broken glass, used condoms, trash, and even human fences.

Their next door neighbour, Jeff Okun, released home security footage which showed their parties spilling into the streets where the influencers are seen drinking, getting intimate, and even defecating on the street. Mr Okun also claims that he has witnessed a brawl on the street which resulted in a black youth pulling out a loaded weapon. He allegedly reported this to the police but they refused in to interview unless it’s a “part 1 crime.”

Girls defecting on street TikTok hype house

Retired Los Angeles Police Detective Moses Castillo says that police will not intervein because of the “Defund The Police and the Black Lives Matter movement which has seen some fatal escalations.

Underage girls must sign NDAs.

Although the vast majority of the people who live in The Drip Crib TikTok hype house are men of colour, their parties involve a lot of underage girls. The former house manager revealed that the guys make underage girls sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, or rather NDAs, after each party to prevent them from exposing them.

However, according to Californian law, all contracts signed by minors are null and void because they require the consent and signature of a parent or a legal guardian.

Drip Crip Club members

Once the Spectrum News 1 story aired, a paywalled Business Insider article revealed that the owner of the actual property is suing The Drip Crib Club for missed rent and damages.

Doesn’t pay rent, blames racism.

Rahzia Johnson, a former houseguest, claims that the hype house members were going to use the Black Lives Matter cause to threaten to landlord and accuse him of committing a hate crime against them.

Ms Johnson said that they told her that their power and water was shut off because the landlord, and their neighbours, were all white supremacists but she later learned that it was actually because they were refusing to pay the rent.

“They were going to try to use Black Lives Matter to their advantage and get protestors to help because they thought that they were literally like ‘hate-criming this Drip Crib house’,” Ms Johnson said.

Adding, “When that wasn’t the case; they were dirty, they were loud, they were rude to their neighbour, like it was horrible. I would be mad as a neighbour too.”

The house manager addressed this in a series of videos and accused Rahzia Johnson of fabricating a lot of her statements.

They are squatting at the LA house.

Kheanu, owner of the Drip Crib Club, appears to still reside at the property. His last post to the DripClubLA was on May 6th, and it was recorded in front of the Encino house. Kheanu says that his neighbours tried to frame him and brought “a box of mice and rats” to his property before calling “the paparazzi” to make him look bad.

Although Kheanu allegedly blames his neighbours for being racist, he is the one truly exploiting black creators. Each content creator, of which there are many, that lives at the house is forced to sign over the entire rights to their TikTok accounts as well as fork out USD$3000 per month for rent. In return Kheanu promises them exposure.

With the earnings from his own TikTok account, as well as royalties and rent from fellow house members, The Drip Crib owner has no excuses not to pay his rent.

Sadly for the Trip Crib Club TikTok hype house, their lifestyle of partying and sleeping with underage girls appears to be coming to an end. The likes and views for the official account as well as its respective members has dropped significantly since the expose. With over 50K followers each new post is struggling to get 50 likes.

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