MAG is the Greatest FPS Game Ever Made Even in 2023


No other game has ever come close to creating the same experience as MAG (Massive Action Game). Will there ever be a sequel?

Nearly a decade ago, a seminal first-person shooter (FPS) emerged, yet it likely eluded the awareness of many. On January 26, 2010, Sony Interactive unveiled a game that was notably ahead of its curve, introducing a massive multiplayer online first-person shooter experience to our PlayStation 3 consoles. This game, known as MAG, delivered some of the most remarkable online battles in gaming history, rightfully earning its title which stands for Massive Action Game.

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Developed by Zipper Interactive, the virtuosos behind the revered SOCOM series, MAG (Massive Action Game) was unfortunately among the last creations by this adept team. Its ambitions were grand, its scope colossal, pushing the boundaries with a novel server architecture that facilitated online battles of up to 256 players.

This massive engagement was systematically organized with players grouped into eight-member squads, four of such squads forming a platoon, and four platoons constituting a company. The hierarchical structure allowed for player-led squads, platoons, and companies, offering a blend of leadership, strategy, and direct combat engagement to players.

MAG gamepplay
MAG is the Greatest FPS Game Ever Made Even in 2023

As players progressed through the game’s ranking system, their stats and capabilities advanced, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

The Factions

Adding depth to the multiplayer domain, players were required to align with one of three factions: Raven Industries GmbH, S.V.E.R. (Seryi Volk Executive Response), or Valor Company Inc. This alignment fostered a tangible war scenario, engendering a sense of pride and competition among players to prevail for their respective squads. The camaraderie and factional pride resonate to this day among MAG (Massive Action Game) enthusiasts, who exult at the sight of their faction banners.

The Factions
MAG is the Greatest FPS Game Ever Made Even in 2023

The narrative of each faction was steeped in rich backstories and unique combat philosophies. Raven Industries, based in Vienna, Austria, believed in meticulous training to achieve battlefield perfection, and was staffed by personnel from various Western European nations. Conversely, S.V.E.R., a guerrilla-style force based in Grozny, Chechen Republic, comprised personnel from China, India, Russia, and parts of Africa and the Middle East. Valor Company, stationed in Alaska and North-Western Canada, was composed of U.S., British, Canadian, and Latin American special forces, boasting a tech arsenal reflective of the modern American military.

Why did it end?

However, the glorious days of MAG were numbered. Four years post-launch, Sony decided to shut down the servers, chiefly due to dwindling player numbers. While it was a bitter pill to swallow, the situation was not entirely at the behest of Zipper Interactive. During that era, the PlayStation 3 was grappling with sales, marred by a tumultuous launch and a steep price tag, which paled in comparison to the more favorable market reception of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The legacy of MAG extends beyond its active years, and its absence has left a void among its loyalists. Even after half a decade, the yearning to re-engage in those epic battles lingers. With the advent of newer PlayStation models and the rise of cloud gaming and virtual reality, discussions have surfaced regarding the potential revival of MAG on modern platforms. While there has been no official indication of a MAG resurgence, the backward compatibility feature of PlayStation 5 reignites hope among enthusiasts for a possible return of this masterful FPS. The dream of revisiting the exhilarating warfronts of MAG is a sentiment that continues to flourish among the old guard and new gamers alike who yearn for an authentic, massive scale combat experience.

What’s next?

The potential resurgence of MAG post-2023 gains traction amid whispers of a SOCOM series revival, stoking the flames of anticipation among the gaming community. The strategic chessboard of the gaming industry witnessed a significant move with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard, thereby consolidating Xbox’s position with the coveted Call of Duty franchise under its banner.

Massive Action Game box
MAG is the Greatest FPS Game Ever Made Even in 2023

This development has sparked conjecture that Sony may counter by revitalizing MAG, thus reigniting a venerable rivalry in the FPS domain. The tactical depth, massive scale warfare, and the unique faction-based camaraderie of MAG present an enticing proposition for Sony to offer a robust competitor to Call of Duty. As Microsoft and Xbox bolster their FPS portfolio, the notion of Sony rejuvenating MAG isn’t just a nostalgic reverie but could be a strategic maneuver to level the playing field, rekindle old rivalries, and enthrall a new generation of gamers with a revitalized, large-scale combat experience that challenges the status quo of the genre.

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