Amber Heard unfazed by Aquaman petition as it passes 300k signatures


Amber over heard calling signers of petition to remove her from Aquaman 2 ‘sexist trolls’ and is not at all concerned.

Despite Johnny Depp dropping two bombshells exposing Amber Heard as he alleged abuser in their previous relationship, Amber Heard is living large in Hollywood while partying with her new girlfriend and attending the Women’s Rights March.

After The Daily Mail exclusively released audio of the 33-year-old actress admitting to assaulting Johnny Depp and taunting and mocking him calling him a cry-baby, a petition was created to remove Amber Heard from the upcoming Warner Bros/DC Comics movie, Aquaman 2.

Audio: Amber Heard mocks, “Nobody will believe you because you’re a guy.”

It is now seeming as though Amber Heard is confident that the recent tapes and petition will not affect her career.

She’s even been spotted in public having a blast and partying it up with her new girlfriend, Bianca Butti.

Amber Heard with girlfriend Bianca Butti

Amber Heard unfazed: Walks with girlfriend, calls out “sexist trolls” at Women’s March.

Amber Heard and her girlfriend, Bianca Butti, can be seen above enjoying a nice little stroll seemingly unfazed by devastating allegations and evidence that was recently released. Bianca is a professional film producer who is known for her work on Hank and Asha, 6 Souls and The Proprietor.

Amber Heard, an ambassador for women’s rights and outspoken domestic violence advocate, attended the Women’s March late January and seemed completely unfazed by recent events.

Most people there brushed off the allegations made against Amber Heard and instead peppered her with praise, but one woman joked about the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 to which she was reportedly heard responding with, “it’s just a bunch of sexist internet trolls.”

TMZ: Amber Heard gives speech on abuse at Women’s March

Amber’s views on domestic violence, as heard on the explosive leaked audio recordings, are that men in a hetero relationship with women cannot possible be victims of abuse because, as Amber puts it, “they are much stronger than women.”

There has been no response from Warner Bros or DC Comics in wake of the most recent allegations nor the petition that has know accumulated over 300, 00 signatures of, who Amber Heard calls, ‘sexist trolls’. Amber Heard is still set to return as Mera in Aquaman 2 and fans are outraged.

The unfounded allegations against Johnny Depp cost him his role as the lovable Captain Jack Sparrow in the popular Disney series, Pirates of the Caribbean. It has left an unwashable stain on his career.

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And that’s not all, the allegations have affected his kid’s life too.

“I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my 14-year-old boy to go to school; you know what I mean? With people going, ‘Hey, look at this magazine, man. What, your dad beats up chicks or something?’ Why did he have to go through that? Why did my daughter have to go through that?” An emotional Depp said in an interview.

If Mera was to be recast in Aquaman 2, then who do you think would be the perfect replacement? Let us know in the comments below.

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