City of Lies starring Johnny Depp review bombed on iMDB before release


Despite a overwhelmingly positive response from early screenings, Johnny Depp’s movie City of Lies is being review bombed.

#CityOfLies is trending on Twitter and critics are blown away by Johnny Depp’s performance as police detective Russel Poole in the Notorious BIG murder mystery biopic. But there are already of thousands of negative reviews on iMDB despite the movie not having officially premiered.

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City of Lies is getting review bombed on iMDB. Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic have not yet started accepting review scores for Johnny Depp‘s latest film City of Lies. Strangely, despite not having premiered yet, the movie has thousands of negative reviews on iMDB.

There are, though, a few legitimate reviews available online considering the film had a limited release in Italy in 2018, but the thousands of negative reviews seem to contradict official written reviews and have all seemed to come in a month before City of Lies officially hits cinemas in the rest of the world.

Johnny Depp Russell Poole
Johnny Depp as former police detective Russell Poole in City of Lies.

As a matter of fact the majority of the written user reviews on iMDB are very positive.

Johnny Depp is remarkable!

“This is a gripping crime thriller about corruption in LAPD. Johnny Depp gave an exceptional performance here after Black Mass”“Very educating movie, Johnny Depp got completely lost in the role-remarkable!” “Really good film showing the real life of what really went on beneath the surface of the hip hop industry a must see film Depp and Whitaker pulled it off as usual.”

Most the negative reviews seem to simply say one thing… “boring.”

Now that #CityOfLies is trending on Twitter we can see that most people are very impressed with the movie. Most critics seem to be blown away with Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Russell Poole.

Johnny Depp behind-the-scenes City of Lies aka LAbrynth.

Russell Wayne Poole was a Los Angeles Police Department detective most noted for investigating the murder of the rapper known as The Notorious BIG.

Considering the latest feedback City of Lies the movie will most likely score anywhere between 7.5 to 8.0 out of 10 which — considering the quality of recent films — is bloody good. While most people praise Depp’s performance others say the film is held back by its pacing.

They tried to stop the movie.

City of Lies was initially pulled from release in 2018 reportedly due to a lawsuit involving Depp and the location manager. However, the director Brad Furman alleged that it went a whole lot deeper with that when he commented, “they tried to stop this movie.”

On August 23, 2018, reports surfaced that Depp’s legal trouble was used as a scapegoat, and the film in fact may be being suppressed by the Los Angeles Police Department, which is implicated in the film, or other various players who do not want the film released, and on July 2020, Adam Tod Brown is certain that the film was suppressed so Voletta Wallace cannot reopen the Murder of the Notorious B.I.G. to sue the LAPD.

After almost 3 years the film is finally hitting cinemas. City of Lies will premiere worldwide later this month, March 19th.

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