Disney reportedly REHIRED Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean


Walt Disney have reportedly REHIRED Johnny Depp for role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean reboot. But should he take it?

As the seas are starting calm after the dubious Johnny v The Sun trial from 2020, it is now clear to see that Johnny Depp was the victim and now big studios are reportedly interested in the actor once again. Disney might have just rehired Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow in Pirates 6.

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It is alleged that Walt Disney are standing firmly behind Johnny Depp in his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard despite the company distancing themselves from the actor last year and “blocking him” from returning as a cameo in The Pirates of The Caribbean reboot starring Australia’s own Robbie Margot.

Disney confirmed that the screenwriter for Birds of Prey, Christina Hodson, was hired to write the story for Pirates 6. Hodson was so impressed with Robbie Margot’s performance as Harley Quinn that she thought of her as the perfect replacement for Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow.

Pirates 6 already sounds terrible.

Very little is known actually known about the untitled Pirates of the Caribbean project at this time except that it an entirely fresh reboot and Disney showed no interest in having Depp return for a cameo. According to Margot Robbie, Pirates 6 is also very political and is all about “girl power”, or so Robbie says.

Disney now appear to have reversed their stance on Johnny Depp in the light of Amber Heard’s many lies exposed by Depp’s legal team and are refusing to surrender sensitive and confidential information regarding his time shooting Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales in 2017.

Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow?
Johnny Depp with the original Pirates of The Caribbean cast Keira Knightely and Orlando Bloom.

Pirates 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales) was truly a cursed film and it faced multiple of disruptive production issues. At one point the entire Australia shoot came to a grinding halt and cost Disney millions as Depp had to be flown stateside for surgery; the actor had sliced off the tip of one of his fingers in altercation with Heard. Video evidence has now revealed that Heard was largely responsible for the fight that evening.

Disney have already rehired Johnny Depp?

Viral Vision, a YouTube channel with close to 80k subscribers, claims that not only does Disney want Depp back, but that they have actually rehired him.

The YouTube channel claim that their sources have confirmed that Johnny Depp has been rehired by Disney for their upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. However, the commentator in the 7 minute video does not quote or even cite their sources. They also allege that Disney is defending Johnny Depp in the court.

The last word from Disney regarding the subpoena from Amber Heard’s legal team was short and sweet.

“We’ve not received a subpoena from Heard,” a spokesperson for Disney revealed.

This could mean that Disney’s legal team simply threw out the subpoena and are not interested in getting involved in the USD$50 million lawsuit.

Regardless, to many people the Pirates franchise died when Disney first said they are not interested in having Depp return as Jack Sparrow. Loyalists have been very vocal that they will absolutely not see Pirates 6 if it doesn’t star Johnny Depp as everyone’s favourite whacky captain Jack Sparrow.

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