Is Jackie Chan dead? Twitter trend scares fans


He is 65, lives on the edge and does his own stunts. So, our heart skipped a beat when we saw his name trend on Twitter. We asked ourselves, ‘is Jackie Chan Dead’?

When the name of your all-time favourite celebrity appears in the headlines and out off the blue, it usually means something bad has happened. So naturally, #jackiechan had fans fearing for the worst on Twitter.

Jackie Chan has had many close calls and scares and now — especially — when he’s getting close to the age of retirement, his fans are worried that something might happen to him. Worryingly enough, the 67-year-old martial artist and actor hasn’t been heard from in awhile. Is Jackie Chan dead?

Jackie Chan may not be that old, but he certainly lives a dangerous life-style. He does all his own stunts – no matter how dangerous – and has accumulated many painful injuries in his career:

Jackie Chan’s most serious injuries

  • Injured his eye in ‘Drunken Master’
  • Fractured his back in the film ‘Police Story’
  • Broke his foot in the film ‘Rumble in the Bronx’
  • Sprained his neck in the film ‘The Super Fighter’
  • Cracked his skull open in the film ‘Armour of God’
  • Bust open his chin in the film ‘Dragon Lord’
  • Dislocated his shoulder in the film ‘Police Story 3’

Understandably fans were terrified when they saw his name trend on Twitter. Jackie Chan is not that young and nimble martial artist and stuntman he once was – or at least we’d assume. Yet, Jackie Chan is still doing his own stunts and is working on many upcoming action-packed films including the highly anticipated Shanghai Dawn and Rush Hour 4.

Is Jackie Chan dead?

Rest assured, our beloved Jackie Chan is alive, well and still kicking butt.

Jackie Chan stunt injuries | Sausage Roll

Now, that I’ve got that out of the way lets debunk an even more outrageous rumour for why Jackie Chan was trending on Twitter.

Jackie Chan did not disown his daughter

There are a few bad-eggs on Twitter claiming that the only reason Jackie Chan is trending is because he recently disowned his ‘illegitimate’ daughter for coming out as lesbian. This is not true.

Etta Ng came out in 2017 in Instagram post and announced that she was dating a Canadian Instagram model and social media influencer, Andi Autumn. Considering the Chinese governments harsh take on anything LGBTQ, the press curiously asked Jackie Chan to express his thoughts on this while he was promoting his film The Foreigner, and he simply replied “if she’s happy, then it’s fine.

A few tabloid took his statement and ran; printing headlines such as Jackie Chan is homophobic. But the truth is Jackie Chan and Etta Ng had never been close. Not even before she came out. Still, he knew of her struggles with depression and expressed that he was happy if she was happy.

Etta Ng (Chan's Daughter) and Andi Autumn Marriage | Sausage Roll

It’s pure poppycock! Jackie Chan did not disown or distance himself from his daughter because she came out and, in spite of the Chinese government’s stand on LGBT, he still expressed his happiness for her choice.

The real reason Jackie Chan was trending on Twitter is because of Justin Bieber, believe it or not. After challenging Tom Cruise to a fight on Twitter, fans suggested Bieber should face off against Jackie Chan because they figured he’d get his Canadian butt whooped to China town. So his name appeared in trending.

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With that being said, we can now go back to being happy that Jackie Chan is still alive and once again look forward to Shanghai Dawn and Rush Hour 4.

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