Billie Eilish debunks ‘thicc’ rumours on the Ellen Show


The GRAMMY winning singer/songwriter went on The Ellen Show to surprise fans, but she also debunked rumours that she is ‘thicc’.

A lot of unwarranted speculation and rumours have surfaced around the 18-year-old pop mega idol’s physique, some of them calling into question the singer’s weight, but Billie Eilish proved haters wrong in her appearance on Ellen.

Last year Billie disguised herself as one of her own fans on The Ellen Show while she heard her fans sing her praise. She later surprised them by taking off her wig, shades, and hoodie to reveal that she was listening in all along.

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The angel-voiced pop idol has battled with depression and her own insecurities through her teen years. In an interview with the BBC she admitted that Instagram almost ruined her as haters left very disparaging comments on her pictures.

“I mean, that’s why I wear big baggy clothes. No body can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath,” Eilish said in an interview when asked about her fashion style. “Because I don’t need anybody look at the nothing back there.”

With her fame came many judging eyes and among those were many toxic trolls who would leave nasty comments about her height and weight.

It is possible that Billie Eilish feels as if though she needs to meet some sort of cookie-cutter form to be considered beautiful in California; where beauty is currency.

In an interview with Vanity Fair Billie Eilish self-consciously lied about her height and weight revealing that it is something she was insecure about.

Seemingly things changed when she became famous as person close to Eilish revealed that she was never concerned about what other people thought of her. Perhaps that changes came from the nasty comments left on her Instagram.

Billie Eilish young

Happy young Billie Eilish vs a depressed teen Billie Eilish.

However, true fans — like friends — don’t care about superficial things like height and weight. “She helps me through depression and anxiety which I know she goes through too, because she’s very open about it. She’s an inspiration to boys and girls all over the world. Keep doing you, and never change,” one her fans said when asked why she likes Billie Eilish. Unbeknown to her, Billie was there in disguise and heard it all.

When Billie Eilish takes off her wig, shades, and beanie to reveal he true identity she also debunks all the hateful and hurtful comments left by mean internet trolls. Billie isn’t “thicc” even though she wears baggy clothes to avoid these judgements. She’s just a normal 18-year-old girl.

Thicc is a slang term for a full-figured body, specifically a big butt and curvy waist. It is both used sexually and humorously.

Billie Eilish tears

Billie Eilish debunks thicc rumours on the Ellen Show

Well, maybe normal is a bit of an understatement. Billie Eilish is a self made mega pop star who has released many hit songs and is among one of the youngest artists to rack up so many awards for her music. She is also the youngest woman ever to write a theme song for 007 James Bond! So, who cares if Billie Eilish is thicc or not.

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